RaDiANCE Academy Toowoomba - 2024 Prospectus


Congratulations on your enrolment in 2024.  We are super excited to have you as a part of our dance family.  There are lots of things you need to know about our special community, and we are enthusiastic to share these with you.



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Our studio is run with core values of excellence, purity, kindness and clear communication. We promote the following ideals:

  • Safe dance practice.
  • Age-appropriate costumes, choreography and music. 
  • Excellence in curriculum, teachers, facility and performances.
  • Positive, interesting and straight-forward communication via email, Facebook and the website.
  • Our studio participants are encouraged to interact with each other in a welcoming, respectful and kind manner.



To ensure that we do our best for your dancer and your family, we ask that you will partner with us to maintain our amazing dance experience.  We ask that you and your family will always:

  • Treat staff, assistant teachers, students and parents with kindness and courtesy.
  • Adhere to our uniform policy so that we create a culture of excellence that the dancers will learn and carry into their class and their every-day life.
  • Treat our facility with care.
  • Bring your best attitude to each and every learning experience.
  • Please adhere to our Code of Conduct

Classroom Experience


The studio is a beautiful focused place for the dancers and the teachers to learn and explore dance. There are windows for you to watch the classes in progress in the front studio.  However, excluding trial classes, children over 3 years of age dance better without parents and care givers in the studio with them. Therefore, we ask that you do not enter the studio during classes unless you have permission from the studio principal.  We do have "viewing" class regularly throughout the year for you to invite a couple of special guests along to watch class with you. 


The classes for the children from 18 months to 3 years are an amazing interactive experience. We DO need a caregiver to stay and participate in all classes for our Ballet 1 classes. We ask that Mum, Dad or Nanny stays and actively participates in each and every activity as directed by the teacher. The dancers enjoy the class a lot more when Mum dances and engages rather than play on her phone.  


Each age group is required to bring along a water bottle.  Food, soft-drink, coffee and high-heels are strictly prohibited on the dance floor.  


Exams - ATOD


Some of our classes have the additional opportunity of being able to participate in our Australian Teachers of Dance Examinations each year. To be eligible to participate in these exams you are required to attend all your regular dance classes. To find out more about your exams click here. 

  • Ballet 4 - 6 Test 1-3: 1 class/week
  • Ballet 5 -14 Bronze Medal to Advanced:  2 classes/week
  • Jazz 2 - 6: 1 class/week
  • Acro (in house examinations): 1 class/week



It is a very exciting time of year when concert rolls around.  All children's classes from 3 years and up are invited to participate in the concert.  Each year we have about a 99.9% participation rate from our included classes.  This is such a wonderful learning experience for our dancers and they love the thrill of performing for you.  


We do require parent helpers to run the concert. Please have a think about how you can best assist with your child's class. The back stage support parents have an amazing time, meet a lot of new people and experience the performance from a whole new angle.


We invite our younger dancers to watch a portion of the concert so that they get to experience the magic from both vantage points.  This is an amazing opportunity that our studio provides.  To find out more about the concert click here. 


You are not required to make, sew or purchase your costumes. We provide all costuming (minus hosiery, underwear, socks and shoes) for a nominal hire fee price. To find out more about our costuming please see here.  


Waiting for Class

Please ensure all younger siblings are fully supervised.  The studios are a learning space and the teachers really appreciate you keeping your young children quiet in the waiting area.   It is parents responsibility to ensure the siblings are safe and supervised at all times. 



We try to make paying your account as easy as possible.  Accounts are due prior to attending your first class.  You can pay your account any of the following ways:

  • In person at the studio during open hours
  • Online
  • 3 payments per term using credit card payments - AUTOPAY register online
  • Via direct deposit into the bank account listed on your invoice
  • Over the phone 0437 012 653

Senior Students


Additional opportunities are offered to our senior students.  We welcome assistant teachers in all of our younger classes and senior students are welcome to apply to the principal.  We offer solos and lead roles to senior students who show exceptional talent and exemplary behaviour.