questions about our toowoomba dance school


Q.  Can I watch my child's class each week?

A.  It is in the best interest of the students that the parents stay in the waiting room during class.  It gives the student a sense of accomplishment and cultivates a wonderful learning environment.  There are multiple opportunities per year to watch class.  However this will be by invitation.


Q.  Do we have to purchase a uniform?

A.  It is a studio requirement that all dance students wear uniform to class each week.  (This is excluding adult classes)   Uniforms are required to be kept in good condition for the examinations. 


Q.  Should my dancer wear their hair up in class?

A.  Yes.. so that the students and teachers can concentrate on the dancing all students are required to have their hair up and out of their face for dance classes.  Ballet students who are in Silver or above should have their hair completely off their shoulders also (bun, French roll, tucked under braid etc).


Q.  Will my child be in the concert this year?

A.  Yes.. unless specified.. children's classes are invited to participate in the concert at the Empire Theatre.  If you join dancing during term 4 it may not be possible to order a costume in time so you may be invited to watch.  Please discuss with your teacher upon enrolment.