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Learning atod syllabus at radiance academy toowoomba

Since 2017 Radiance Academy Toowoomba has been teaching the Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) Syllabi. It has allowed us to combine the ethos, purity, and heritage of Living Dance International with the infrastructure, depth, and additional opportunity that a larger provider like ATOD offers.


Find out more about different syllabus providers and what it all means. 


There are many dance syllabus providers, so why have we chosen this syllabus? The ATOD syllabus has an amazingly high standard whilst not being overly stuffy or rigid. Miss Sally, having studied Cicchetti, Royal Academy of Dance Living Dance and Vaganova – Australian Conservatoire Ballet; has chosen the ATOD syllabus due to the opportunities and advantages that it offers to students. If you would like to talk about this topic in person and to find out the specific advantages, please don not hesitate to contact Miss Sally regarding more in-depth information regarding syllabus selection.


To find out more about ATOD please click here.


dance Examinations

All examinations will be held at our studio at High Street.  We anticipate offering the following examinations in 2021:

  • Classical Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Contemporary

Additional dance Opportunity

The ATOD also offers additional opportunities for exceptional students.  These may include scholarships, competitions and performance opportunities.


Queensland Government Recognition for dance

The Australian Teachers of Dance high level examinations in MULTIPLE genres are recognised by the Queensland Government - Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority for their high standard. To find out more about this and what it means for your child's QCE click here.


Which level will I go to for my dance examination?

All examinations are by invitation only. To be eligible to receive an invitation that students need to meet minimum class requirements.