Kingaroy Eisteddfod 2023

Woohoo our first eisteddfod is here. This is going to be such an exciting way to start our year.


The Kingaroy performing arts center is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes from Toowoomba.  


27th to 28th April


Official program has not been released yet.  But we will add the details here when it has been. 


Performance Teams

  • 6 years team (ballet) Code 144
  • 8 years team (lyrical) Code 155
  • 10 years team (jazz) Code 167
  • 12 years team (lyrical) Code 157
  • 15 years team (contemporary) Code 152
  • Open team (lyrical) Code 159


  • Contemporary Senior Code 152 (scratch this item for eisteddfod)
  • Contemporary Open (umberella Code 187 and yellow Code 153) 


  • Jazz Open (me and my ladies) Code 170


Pre-Performance rehearsal

On Friday 19 April we had planned a rehearsal for the eisteddfod.  This will be held at the studio on Railway Street. 

When planning this I didn't realise it was a public holiday.  We gave everyone a chance to vote.  The vote was to go ahead with the 19 April  But because it is a public holiday, lets move the rehearsal to an earlier time slot.  

  • Junior teams (6 years, 8 years & 10 year teams) are required 3:00 - 4:30pm
  • Seniors (12 years, 15 years, & open teams, contemporary, jazz) required 4:30 - 7:00pm
  • this is a full dress rehearsal which means hair, make-up, & costume including stockings and shoes done.


Kingaroy Performing Arts Centre

In the Kingaroy State High School

prelimanary Arrival TImes final program

Saturday 27 april

Morning Session 8:30am to 12:30pm

  • 7:30am 8s Team 
  • 8:00am 12s Team
  • 10:00am 6s Team 

Afternoon session 1:30pm to close

  • 1.30pm 10s Team

sunday 28 April

Morning session 8:30am - 12:30pm

  • 7:15am Senior Contemp - Umbrella
  • 9:30am Open Jazz - Me and my girls

Afternoon session 1:30pm to 5:30pm

  • 2:00pm Open Contemporary Yellow   ****time changed
  • 2:30pm 15s Team   ***time changed


Evening Session 6:30pm to close

  • 5:30pm Open team *time change

when you get here

Come find us out back.  We will be given a dressing room in the school classrooms.  The officials will tell you which way to go to find the dressing rooms.  Then look for people in Radiance Wear. 


When you arrive

  • be wearing your Radiance jacket or hoodie, studio 7 team pants & closed in shoes
  • your hair will be done and complete for your first item (including any hairpieces)
  • your make-up will be done and complete
  • you have your costume in your costume bag with you ready to go
  • have your dance kit with you (including water bottle)


Tickets & Watching

Parents are able to purchase tickets to watch their dancers.


Parents will not be allowed to come backstage or to dressing rooms.