Audition - main roles



We are so excited to be getting ready for auditions for our 2024 production.  This will be our 10th concert and our best one ever. 




Auditions will be held on Saturday 8th June 5:30pm to 7:30pm





Auditions will be held in Studio 2 at 9 Railway Street Toowoomba.


Who is suitable


There are limitations on who is able to accept a role.  Although you may be the correct age level, you may not be ready for this rigorous process.


Role holders need to be super responsible, easy going and fun to work with students.  It is a big responsibility and emotional, therefore, flighty and difficult students won't thrive in this environment.  They need to keep records (digital or written) of what they are learning.  They need to manage their timetable well.  They need to make dance a big priority for term 4.  


Not everyone is suitable for a role and not everyone's family timetable would suit this responsibility.  Please consider ALL of the obligations before proceeding with this.  


Finally, the emotional investment required to handle a role maybe too much for your student to handle.    If you believe your student would not cope with the responsibility, please don't accept your role. 


Students are required to promote, encourage and support any students that do accept their roles.  Every year there are students who decide to run down, discourage or disagree with the audition panels decisions.  Any students who are not willing to promote, encourage or support their peers will be excluded from the roles - even if they have previously accepted them.  


If you are in Ballet 9 Silver Medal or Higher

If you are in Open Hip hop

If you are in Open or Senior Contemporary 

If you are in Open Tap

If you are in Senior Musical Theatre

If you are in Open Jazz

If you are in Acro Navy

If you are in Vocational Training

If you are in Ballet Excellence


You are invited to participate in the audition process. 


Not everyone who auditions will receive a role.  


Everyone who intends to audition needs to submit an expression of interest so that we can get your audition ready

Expression of interest

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Auditon experience


Please ensure that you

  • dressed neatly 
  • stand out for all of the right reasons
  • create a neat upstyle for girls hair
  • remove fake tatoos, extra jewellery etc
  • bring all of your dance shoes
  • be ready for a fun experience