Kingaroy Eisteddfod 2023

Woohoo our first eisteddfod is here. This is going to be such an exciting way to start our year.


The Kingaroy performing arts center is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes from Toowoomba.  


29th to 30th April


For Arrival Time Scroll Down (to be advised when official program comes out)

KDE - Running Order 2023.pdf
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Official program
2023 Kingaroy Dance Eisteddfod Program.p
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Performance Teams

  • 6 years team (ballet & lyrical)
  • 10 years team (jazz)
  • 12 years team (contemporary & ballet)
  • 15 years team (lyrical & contemporary)
  • Open team (lyrical & ballet)


  • Contemporary 4 (2022 November)


  • Jazz 10 (2022 Let's Get Loud)

Hip Hop

  • Hip Hop Open (Miss Sian will advise)

Pre-Performance rehearsal

On Friday 21st April we will be having our rehearsal for the eisteddfod.

Here are the key details:

  • Junior teams (6 years, 8 years & 10 year teams) are required 6:15- 7:00
  • Seniors (12 years, 15 years, & open teams, contemporary, jazz & hip hop) required 6:15- 7:45
  • this is a full dress rehearsal which means hair, make-up, & costume including stockings and shoes done.


Kingaroy Performing Arts Centre

In the Kingaroy State High School

Arrival TImes - updated


8:00am Saturday 29 April - 6 years team (1st lyrical, 2nd ballet)
9:00am Saturday 29 April - 8 years team (1st lyrical, 2nd jazz (group of 4))
7:30am Saturday 29 April - 10 years team (jazz)
8:30am Saturday 29 April - 12 years team (1st ballet, 2nd contemporary)
7:45am Sunday 30 April - 15 years team (lyrical & 1st contemporary)
9:45am Sunday 30 April - Open team (1st lyrical & 2nd ballet)

1:30pm Sunday 30 Apri - Contemporary 4 (2022 November)

12:30pm Sunday 30 April - Jazz 10 (2022 Let's Get Loud)

3:30pm Sunday 30 April - Hip Hop Open (Miss Sian will advise)

when you get here

Come find us at...


When you arrive

  • be wearing your Radiance jacket or hoodie, studio 7 team pants & closed in shoes
  • your hair will be done and complete for your first item (including any hairpieces)
  • your make-up will be done and complete
  • you have your costume in your costume bag with you ready to go
  • have your dance kit with you (including water bottle)


Tickets & Watching

Parents are able to purchase tickets to watch their dancers.


Parents will not be allowed to come backstage or to dressing rooms.