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You spend so many hours in the studio dancing anyway... why not turn your hobby into a nationally recognised qualification?  We are offering our courses , so you can have the best of both worlds.... do what you love and achieve a qualification!


Cert II in Dance CUAD20113


Specifically designed for students in year 8 and 9 at school. This qualification is a fantastic balance of practical dance in the studio and online theory study of dance, fitness and the arts. 


A  Certificate II is an introductory-level course teaches you more industry-specific skills than a Certificate I and prepares you to perform routine work. It can be a stepping stone to further study or a great way to add value your CV and demonstrate commitment.


Prospectus Cert II 2021.pdf
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Cert III in Dance CUAD30113


This course is perfect for the students who have already completed a Cert II in Dance or in year 10 -12 at school.  This qualification covers 5 different dance genres and is perfect for creating well-rounded dancers. 


A Certificate III can help you learn and consolidate skills for a particular career, by teaching you job-specific skills. The qualification is designed to help you progress from an entry-level role and get started on your career journey.

You may already hold a Certificate I or II in the field, or have work experience possibly as an assistant dance teacher, under your belt and be ready to take the next step.


Prospectus Cert III 2021.pdf
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Cert IV in Dance CUAD40113


The final qualification is ideally for students who have completed their Cert III in Dance. It is also great for school leavers wanting to pursue dance teaching or a career in the arts. 


A Certificate IV or Diploma is the highest level of vocational education and training, and can be a good way to hone your technical, problem solving and decision making skills.

These are more in-depth qualifications than a Certificate III and are designed to prepare you for supervisory positions or specialist roles or supervisory positions. Depending on your course, there may be an on-the-job component. 

Both qualifications are a pathway to a Bachelor’s degree and, depending your circumstances, you may even be able to transfer credits to your degree and get a head start.

Cert IV Prospectus 2021.pdf
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Ready to start in 2021!


Once you have made the decision to start your qualification in 2021.  You will need to be able to check off the following list.

  • Can I dance at a high level in at least one genre?
  • Am I grade 8 at school or older?
  • Am self-motivated and happy to work hard?
  • I am ready to challenge myself in 2021?
  • Email completed enrolment form to principal@radianceacademytoowoomba.com
  • Email completed plagiarism form to principal@radianceacademytooowoomba.com
  • Email completed LLN form to principal@radianceacademytoowoomba.com
  • Register online for your space in our VET program 


Enrolment Form
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Plagarisim Form
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LLN Form
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What happens now?


Once you are registered the magic starts to happen.  Kicking off a fresh cohort each term, we will help you achieve your dream of a Nationally Recognised Qualification in dance in partnership with ATOD RTO.  As soon as you have emailed off your application, Plagiarism form and LLN form, ring the studio to make an appointment.  We can't wait to meet you.