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You spend so many hours in the studio dancing anyway... why not turn your hobby into a nationally recognised qualification?  We are offering our courses , so you can have the best of both worlds.... do what you love and achieve a qualification!


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Cert III in Dance

We are now delivering Nationally Recognised Courses in Partnership with Australian Teachers of Dancing RTO 31624. Starting Term One 2020 is CUA30113 - Certificate III in Dance.


Students should be in years 10,11 or 12. (must be at least 15 years of age) 


We will be offering this course during the day on Tuesday mornings during term time 2020.  Students should also expect to do some additional homework outside these hours.


Ready to start in 2020!


Once you have made the decision to start your qualification in 2020.  You will need to be able to check off the following list.

  • Can I dance at a high level in at least one genre?
  • Am 15 or older?
  • Am self-motivated and happy to work hard?
  • I am ready to challenge myself in 2020?
  • Email completed enrolment form to Sally@radianceacademytoowoomba.com
  • Email completed plagarism form to Sally@radianceacademytooowoomba.com
  • Email completed LLN form to Sally@radianceacademytoowoomba.com
  • Register online for your space in our VET program 


Enrolment Form
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Plagarisim Form
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LLN Form
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What happens now?


Once you are registered the magic starts to happen.  Kicking off a fresh cohort each term, we will help you achieve your dream of a Nationally Recognised Qualification in dance in partnership with ATOD RTO.  As soon as you have emailed off your application, Plagiarism form and LLN form, ring the studio to make an appointment.  We can't wait to meet you.


Each term we will be studying a new dance genre and many theoretical components.  You will need to have dance gear, shoes and transportation to the studio.


Term 1


CUADTM301 Assist with dance teaching

CUADAN202 Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances

CUADAN306 Increase depth of ballet dance technique

CUAWHS201 Develop a basic level of physical condition


Term 2


CUAPRF307 Develop performance techniques

CUAPRF306 Develop musical theatre techniques

CUAWHS301 Condition the body for dance performance


Term 3


CUADAN305 Increase depth of jazz dance technique

CUADAN309 Increase depth of street dance technique

CUACHR301 Develop basic dance composition skills


Term 4


CUADAN301 Integrate rhythm in dance or movement technique

CUAIND301 Work effectively in the creative arts industry

CUADAN307 Increase depth of cultural dance technique