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We are so excited to open our brand new Virtual Dance Studio for a short time only.  We will be even more excited when you are back at class in person.


Our Musical Theatre Short Course and Cert III in Dance will cover the same content for term 2 using at Home learning.  Although this looks different, you will have just as much support as if you were learning in the studio with us.  This term you have three teachers to help you through - Miss Vanessa, Miss Sian and Miss Sally are ready willing and able to help you achieve your goals for this term.  




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Term 2 Week 2

Mark-up - Welcome to the 60's.pdf
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CUA30113 Certificate III in Dance - Term
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2020 Term 2 - Assessment Summary - COMPL
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Week 10 Term 1


Hi Cert III students


Sorry we can't be together to finish this term.  I have added a class below for you for week 10.  Please send through photos of you performing this class this week.


Some of you have already sent through your rehearsals and your performance pieces.  Thankyou so much.  


We are also putting together a compilation of information for you to get ahead over the holidays if you have additional time.


We can't wait to see you again in person.  We are unsure when this will be.  However, in the mean time, please feel free to get ahead of the game!  



Welcome, instructions, assessment

Week 1 Dance Elements Video

Voice Element

Week 10 Term 1

Week 9 Term 1

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