RaDiANCE Academy Toowoomba - Exams

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Our Australian Teachers of Dance exams for classical ballet, tap and jazz will be held at our studio between the 2nd and 3rd of August 2017. 


Exam entry has now been finalised and we are unable to make any further alternations.  


Please note timetable below.  Your dancer will be required to arrive at St Mark's Church 30 minutes prior to their exam.   We will not meet in the waiting room.  We will meet in the St Mark's Church Annexe.  


Can you please help your student attach their numbers prior to departing from the studio?  The pins will need to go down the front and back of the leotards so... parental help is best:-)


There will be a photographer in the Church.  They will take photos of your student individually and as a group.  There will be a sign in sheet for this.  Please let the teachers know if your student is not to be involved with this activity.  


Please ensure that your dancer has the correct uniform and shoes.  Ballet students will require stockings with no holes.  Tap and Fusion students will require the correct socks.  (From Bronze Medal upwards Tap and Fusion students will require shimmer tights).  All girl dancers will require a matching Lily Ribbon.  


The examiner will deduct points for underwear showing.  Please ensure that you find high cut underwear.  But the biggest give away is bra straps showing.  Even tan and clear straps should be well hidden under the leotards.  (The examiner said she used to sew a bra into her leotard).  Get creative... and keep all underwear...UNDER :-)


No jewellery, watches, fake tattoos, make-up etc should be worn.  On the day of our auditions a student was covered with Henna tattoo and this really distracted us from their performance.  


All students please have neat and clean dance shoes.  Senior ballet students do not require demi pointes.  These can be used in class to strengthen feet but are not an exam requirement.  


All ballet students from Bronze Medal upwards need to hand in their theory book on the day of the exam.  Please ensure it is named so that it can be returned.


Here is the hair tutorial if you need a refresher....


Silver Medal students in the last exam will be required to stay just a little bit longer please... more details to come. 



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