Dance Exams Next Week



Next week (the first week of the school holidays) we have our special dance exams.  Keep reading below to find out EVERYTHING you need to know about the dance exams. 




Monday 19 September to Saturday 24 September


Everyone (in ballet and jazz) has been given 2 dates, a practice date and an official exam date.  You need to be 1 hour early for BOTH of these please.   If you haven't been given 2 dates (except for acro) please contact the office URGENTLY so we can fix this. 


If your exam date is Thursday - your practice exam date is Monday.

If your exam date is Friday - your practice exam date is Tuesday.

If your exam date is Saturday - your practice exam date is Wednesday.  

Acro medals and practice are on Wednesday afternoon only.  


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High Street Studio - enter quietly and go straight into Studio 2 - Don't use the waiting room please.  Don't enter studio 1 unless directed by staff.  


What do I do when I arrive?


As soon as you get to the studio on your exam or practice day, please do the following:

  • Put your belongings straight in studio 2.  Don't stop in the waiting room or enter studio 1.
  • Ensure dancer has been to bathroom.
  • Get a single photo with photographer (preferably without numbers)
  • Find the correct number for your dancer.
  • Pin the number to the leotard (under the leotard) 4 pins in each number. 
  • Tests 1 & 2 only need pins on the front of the leotard.  Test 3 and above need numbers front and back please.  
  • Double check hair and tights
  • Students practice exam work with the teacher in studio 2 quietly
  • Students have a quick drink and prepare to go into studio 1


  • Students enter studio 1 quietly in order 4, 3, 2, 1 and 8, 7, 6, 5
  • Students say "Good Morning/Afternoon Mrs Dawson"
  • Students answer theory questions in exam order.
  • Students demonstrate all work 
  • Students reverence and say "Thankyou Mrs Dawson"  "Thankyou (music operator) Miss Sally"
  • Students run quietly from studio 1 to studio 2
  • Have a quiet celebration as the next group begins
  • Remove pins and put back
  • Gather your belongings
  • Any final missed photos taken now
  • Quietly exit the studios
  • Party after a job well done

Who is dancing?


The students who have registered for exams.  If you forgot to register, please be ready for the next opportunity next year. 



what should I wear?

 Full formal dance uniform including

  • brand new tights
  • clean ballet shoes
  • Neat and tidy hair
    • Test 1 - Test 3 mid height slicked bun with a donut
    • Bronze and Silver mid height slicked back flat bun with no donut
    • Gold and above mid low flat bun with mid part no donut
  • All buns require a colored bow comb
  • No underwear showing
  • No makeup, watches, fake tattoos
  • No jewelry

Run Sheet

TimeTableWithStudents (15).pdf
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Additional exam info


Here is the general exam info

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