RaDiANCE Academy Toowoomba - ATOD

From 2017 Radiance Academy Toowoomba will be adding to our training Australian Teachers of Dance Syllabi. We are very excited about this extension to our existing timetable and all that it will mean for our dancers. Radiance Academy Toowoomba dance classes will combine the ethos, purity and heritage of Living Dance International with the infrastructure, depth and additional opportunity that a large provider like ATOD can offer.


Why did we chose this particular syllabus?  We are very excited about our choice.  There are a lot of other dance syllabus providers and we did much research into the subject.  However this particular syllabus is fantastic for the Australian dancer.  The ATOD has an amazingly high standard whilst not being overly stuffy or rigid.  Having studied myself Cecchetti, Royal Academy of Dance, Living Dance and Vaganova - Australian Conservatoire of Ballet; I am very excited about the opportunities and advantages of this particular syllabus.  I am more than happy to expand on this topic in person and list the specific advantages, so please contact me if you would like more in-depth information regarding syllabus selection.


To find out more about ATOD please click here.



All examinations will be held at our studio at St Mark's in 2017.  We anticipate offering the following examinations in 2017:

  • Classical Ballet
  • Jazz Moves - Fusion Class
  • Tap

Additional Opportunity

The ATOD also offers additional opportunities for exceptional students.  These may include scholarships, competitions and performance opportunities.


Queensland Government Recognition

The Australian Teachers of Dance high level examinations in MULTIPLE genres are recognised by the Queensland Government - Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority for their high standard.   To find out more about this and what it means for your child's QCE click here.



Uniforms will remain unchanged for 2017.   For a uniform list please click here.


Which level will I go to for an examination?

All examinations will still be by invitation only.  To be eligible to receive an invitation that students need to meet minimum class requirements.


Classical Ballet

Most student will go up a level each year, see conditions below.

Current Name

School year level


Uniform Colour New Name Classes / Week
 Simple Steps Pre School Age 3-4 Baby Pink  Simple Steps 1
Sweet Steps Prep Baby Blue Sweet Steps ATOD Test One 1
Sweet Steps Grade 1 Baby Blue Sweet Steps ATOD Test Two 1 - 2
Grade 1 LDI Grade 2 Marine ATOD Test Three 2
Grade 2 & 3 LDI Grade 3 & Grade 4 Marine Bronze Medal 2+
Grade 4 LDI Ability level determined Aubergine Bronze Star 2+
Grade 5 LDI   Red Silver Medal 3+
Grade 6 LDI   Red Silver Star 3+
Pre Intermediate LDI   Black Gold Medal 3+
Intermediate LDI   Black Gold Star 3+
Advanced LDI     Gold Bar 3+
      Avril Binzer Performance Award  
  • Don't forget you will not necessarily be the same level from 2016 to 2017.  Most classes will go up a level.  For example, the children in Grade 1 LDI Ballet for 2016 will go through to Bronze Medal if.... a) they meet the minimum age requirement of Grade 3 at school 2017  b) they have already completed the Grade 1 LDI examination or c) they have advice from their current class teacher.
  • If you attend less then the minimum class requirement you may not be eligible to complete the examination and may not necessarily stay with your peer age group as they progress through the levels.
  • The age levels are a guide.  Please discuss with the staff for a more accurate picture.

More information will be available regarding the Fusion and Tap examinations as 2017 unfolds.