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Offering internationally recognised ATOD syllabus for our Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary.  To find out more click here.

Why have we chosen this syllabus?  What if we have done RAD?



List of Classes

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Acro, at Radiance Academy, is an exciting combination of gymnastics and dance. Acro provides students with opportunities to learn new acrobatic skills, and to improve their strength, flexibility and presentation. Acro not only focuses on the individual dancer, but also allows for team-building in partner and group balances and movements. Training for acro occurs with safety of specialized matting and with experienced teachers, and is all about fun, friendship and flips.


Radiance Academy is an Acrobatic Arts accredited studio.



Ballet 1-14

Discover an amazing new world with this timeless dance technique.  Experience the magic that is classical ballet.  The tutus, the pointe shoes and the artistry will transport you to another time and place.  Using the Australian Teachers of Dance examinable syllabi, our students from 18 months of age are able to study classical ballet.  From recreational to elite students we have you covered! 


Boys Club


Loud and energetic, boys club is perfect for the little men in your life that love to keep moving.  Using jazz, hip hop and contemporary styles this class is sure to keep your man interested in dance.

Cheer and Pom

Pom and Cheer are two similar

types of dance fitness. Pom as the name suggests is dancing with Poms Poms in

hand for most of the routine however there is still times during a Pom routine

that the dancers will put the Pom Pom’s down to perform tricks or special

skills such as cartwheels or a kick line. Both Pom and Cheer are a high

intensity, quick moving, aerobic style of dance.  


Children from 8 years and up can experience the earthy and strong flowing contemporary syllabus from ATOD.   Be moved with this popular dance style.  Classes are 1 hour in length and students have the opportunity to sit for examinations once per year. 




We can now offer exclusive private tuition for students wanting to perform solos.  Conditions apply.  Please contact your teacher to see if this would be an appropriate option for you.  More information available here.  

Hip Hop



Hip hop is a fantastic class for learning current dance trends.  For fun, fitness and performance... this non syllabus class is a great way to break out and just dance. 


Jazz Moves



These dance classes are lots of fun and are open to boys and girls from 3 years of age! These classes incorporate upbeat fast paced music, current dance moves and are great for fitness, fun and technical advancement.  Exams are available for students from Jazz 2 and upwards.



These classes are suitable for boys and girls from 4 years of age up to and including adults. Tap is a percussive and fast moving class that really gets your brain working!  These classes focuses on basic tap, fundamental technique, further tap development and concert performance pieces. Using the ATOD tap syllabus students maybe eligible to sit examinations.


Adult Steps - Ballet, Jazz and Tap dance class


These one hour classes are so much fun.  From beginners to professional dancers welcome.  This  is the best way to tone up, make new friends and dance your worries away.  Welcome back good posture, core strength and youthful flexibility with dance!

Over 55's Steps - Dance class

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dance class toowoomba

Dance for Parkinsons Community Class

We are so excited to host the regions only Dance for Parkinson's Community Class.  On Tuesday mornings at 11am we are ready to welcome you.  Carers welcome to dance too!