Audition - main roles

It is that time of the year again.  We are looking for our next leading lights to participate in our end of year production.





Saturday 17 June at 5:30pm  - High Street Studios



There are limitations on who is able to audition for our lead roles.  Although you may be the correct age level, you may not be ready for this rigorous process.


Lead roles will be rehearsed on Monday afternoon's between 3:45pm and 8:15pm after the exams are complete.  They will be organised on a rotational basis.  No one would be required for that entire time.  But they need to make that time available when/if necessary, as per the roster that will be published in term 3.


Lead roles need to be super responsible, easy going and fun to work with students.  It is a big responsibility and emotional, flighty and difficult students won't thrive in this environment.  They need to keep records (digital or written) of what they are learning.  They need to manage their timetable well.  They need to make dance a big priority for term 4.  


Not everyone is suitable for a lead role and not everyone's family timetable would suit this responsibility.  Please consider ALL of the obligations before proceeding with this.  


Finally, the emotional investment required to audition and to handle a yes or a possible no, maybe too much for your student to handle.  The panel's decision is final.  And we require all students to understand that no correspondence will be entered into.  If you believe your student would not cope with a no, please don't include them in the audition process.  Students are required to promote, encourage and support any students that do become lead roles.  


Students that maybe ready for this responsibility could include:

Ballet 9 upwards

Jazz 8 upwards

Hip hop turquoise upwards

Tap 3 - High School

Contemporary 3 upwards






High Street Studios - Studio 1 




Please arrive from 5:00pm to warm up and get a number.  Audition will start at 5:30pm sharp 


what to wear?


The idea is to stand out for all of the right reasons. Here are some do's and don'ts



  • Wear something that makes you feel good about dancing.
  • (Girls) wear your hair up in a neat and beautiful up style
  • (Girls) optional makeup for seniors.
  • Wear neat stockings and shoes.
  • Bring ALL your dance shoes.


  • Wear warm up gear (tracksuits, jumpers)
  • Wear old, ripped tights.
  • Wear watches and distracting jewelry.
  • Wear bike pants and black tights.
  • Come without correct shoes.