Relocation to Railway Street


As you know our move has been a long time in the making.  But we will shortly be relocating to the city.  Our new home will be at


9 Railway Street Toowoomba

on Thursday 10 August







There is plenty of city council parking on Railway Street.  You can park for 2 hours for free, or park for 8 hours paid.  The paid parking is closer to the Betros Brothers end of the road. 


You will notice that there is additional parking at the Qld Rail Station.  This parking is not patrolled by City Council as it is owned by Qld Rail.  


Saturday and Sunday appear to be the busy days.  If you are attending on these days, please give yourself more time to find a suitable parking spot.  Or feel free to drop older students off at the front door using the 10-minute parking spots if available.  



Wheelchair, pram, wheelie walker


There is priority access via the Brown Lane Studio entrance.  There is a loading zone at the Brown Lane Studio entrance for ease of wheels.  This will be open from 10:30am on Tuesday morning or by appointment.  There are limited parks at the back of the building.  





The retail outlet can be accessed through the Railway Street Entrance.  We will carry our previous lines and continue to add to our retail offerings.   We currently stock the following brands:

  • Studio 7
  • Paul Wright
  • MDM
  • Rack and Roll
  • Bloch
  • Claudia Dean
  • Energetics
  • International Dance Supplies
  • Balera


keyless entry after reception closes


Once reception closes at night, there will be keyless entry via the Railway Street Entrance for nighttime classes.  We will email you your code when this system is up and running.  


food and drinks


For the safety and convenience of younger children who stay at the studio for an extended period of time, we will install a vending machine.  If your older student has permission to leave the studio to go to the cafes or Grand Central, we will get you to discuss your rules with them directly.  


st Luke's church hall


Due to unforeseen circumstances, St Luke's classes will remain at St Luke's until further notice. 


Date of relocation


Thursday 10 August  


Contact details


All contact details will remain the same. 




There will be no changes to the timetable when we move.  All class times and teaching staff will remain the same.