ATOD State Championships

We are entering some of our students in the ATOD Championships for the first time ever this year!




Students will attend an unseen class, then perform a ballet solo on stage in costume. 

This will be done in age divisions.


Those in the 'Mini Dancers' division will NOT have to do a class - they will only perform a solo.


We have only entered into the ballet championships.



If you would like to order a commemorative t-shirt follow the link below.




Mini Dancers Division (Under 9)

  • Hannah M
  • Phoenix
  • Grace


Intermediate Dancers Division (Under 15)

  • Anna-Lucia
  • Jasmine
  • Layla


Senior Dancers division (Under 21)

  • Lily-Anne
  • Erin
  • Hannah T


Classes will be held on Friday the 26th of May, with solos performed on the 27th of May.


Classical Ballet Classes - 26th of May


(Mini Dancers do not have a class)

9.00 – 10.00am Junior Classical

10.00– 11.00am Intermediate Classical

11.00– 12.00pm Senior Classical (Please bring both Pointe Shoes & Ballet Flats)



Solo Performances - 27th of May


9:00 - 10:30 am

Section 1 - Mini Dancers Division


7. Phoenix

16. Grace

25. Hannah M



12:30 - 1:30 pm

Section 4 - Intermediate Dancers Division


2. Jasmine

7. Layla

13. Anna-Lucia



1:30 - 2:30 pm

Section 5 - Senior Dancers Division


2. Hannah T

6. Erin

12. Lily-Anne


Pre-performance Rehearsal

We will be having a practice performance on Saturday the 20th of May at 3:45 pm. You are welcome to wear your full costume and shoes. 


The ballet classes will be held at Allenby Dance Studio. 


Performances will be held at Birkdale South State School.


Getting down there

We are planning to take a few cars down, but you are welcome to drive yourself/have parent/s drive you down.


Miss Sally



*I have more space







Miss Sian




What to Wear

There are strict rules on uniform requirements for the class. 



  • Any style of one colour leotard with matching ballet skirt (Studio logos not permitted) - No two toned or patterned leotards. If you need anything, please contact Miss Sally urgently.
  • Pink classical ballet tights
  • Pink classical ballet shoes with ribbons, Senior Entrants to bring pointe shoes also
  • All hair needs to be in a neat, tidy bun off the face with a single ribbon colour matching leotard around the bun.



  • In costume
  • Neat, tidy hair
  • No Romantic tutus

General qualifications and rules

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Championship Programme

2023 ATOD QLD Championships programme.pd
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