Lockyer District Dancing Festival- 2022

Just when you thought the dancing would slow down we have our next eisteddfod coming up.


Who is Dancing?

Performance Teams

  • 6 Years Team- Jazz only (ballet withdrawn)
  • 8 Years Team- ballet & lyrical 
  • 10 Years Team- ballet only (lyrical withdrawn)
  • 12 years Team- ballet & lyrical
  • 15 Years Team- neo-classical & ballet
  • Open Team- ballet & lyrical


  • Contemporary 3
  • Contemporary 4


10th September- 11th September


Below are the session times. For when to arrive and where to meet go to When You Arrive.


10th September- 8:30am Session

  • 6 Years Performance Team- Jazz
  • 8 years Performance Team- Lyrical & Ballet

10th September -1:30pm Session

  • 10 Years Performance Team- Ballet

10th September- 5:30pm Session

  • 12 Years Performance Team- Ballet & Lyrical

11th September- 9:00am Session

  • 15 Years Performance Team- Ballet & Neo-classical
  • Contemporary 3

11th September- 2:00pm Session

  • Open Performance Team- Ballet & Lyrical
  • Contemporary 4


Gatton Shire Hall, North Street Gatton

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Costumes, Hair, & Make-Up

All students should have all their costumes from Toowoomba Eisteddfod. If you do not have your costume see your teacher.

It is your responsibility to keep your costume in it's entirety safe and bring it to the event.



Will be set by your teacher. This will be communicated by email and/or discussed in class.


Regardless of your set hairstyle make sure you have ready:

  • gel &/or hairspray (we want no fluffy hair or fly away bit)
  • hair bands that are clear or same colour as your hair
  • bobby pins* that are the same colour as your hair
  • hair pins* (for buns and same colour as your hair)
  • hair nets (for buns and more than 1, they always seem to get holes)


Make up will be as per concert or as discussed by your teacher.


Some notes on make up:

  • All team dancers are required to wear the team lipsticks.
    • For 6, 8, 10, & 12 Years Teams= Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in Continuous Coral (if unable to use this lipstick due to sensitives, please show the staff your matching different brand lipstick)
    • For 15 & Open Teams=Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color in Eternal Cherry
  • False eyelashes are required for 15 years & Open Team
  • No glitter eyeshadow or eyeliner

Eyeshadow palettes and the lipsticks are available to purchase at the studio.

If you need a refresher you can find our make up tutorials here: Dance hair and Make-up - Radiance Academy Toowoomba

When you arrive

Come in your Radiance Studio jacket with your black studio pants.


Have your hair and make up done for your first item and your costumes in your costume bag (younger students can even have part of their costume on already if appropriate).

Where to Meet

At the gazebo in front of the hall.

Arrival Times


Make sure you allow time for traffic and the unexpected. We want all our dancers at the premises on time so we can practice and get focused before we perform.


*If you see a star it means that this is the first item for the session so don't be any later then the arrival time.


6 Years Performance Team- Ballet & Jazz  (10th September- 8:30am Session)

ARRIVE BY 8:00am 

-Item 212 Competitor 3 (jazz)


8 Years Performance Team - Ballet & lyrical (10th September- 8:30am Session)

ARRIVE BY 8:30am

-Item 232 Competitor 7 (Lyrical)

- Item 218 Competitor 3 (Ballet)


10 Years Performance Team- Ballet (10th September- 1:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 1:15pm 

-Item 219 Competitor 2 (Ballet)


12 Years Performance Team- Ballet & Lyrical (10th September- 5:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 5:45pm

-Item 220 Competitor 3 (Ballet)

- Item 235 Competitor 2 (Lyrical)



15 Years Performance Team- Ballet & Lyrical (11th September- 9:00am Session)

-ARRIVE BY 8:15am

- Item 221 Competitor 3 (Ballet)*

-Item 236 Competitor 7 (Neo-classical)


Contemporary 3 (11th September- 9:00am Session)

 -ARRIVE BY 9:00am

-Item 230 Competitor 9


Open Team -Ballet & Lyrical (11th September- 2:00pm Session)


-Item 222 Competitor 1 (Ballet)*

-Item 237 Competitor 4 (Lyrical)


Contemporary 4 (11th September- 2:00pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 2:00pm

-Item 231 Competitor 2 (Hyperreal), 9 (Hide & Seek), 13 (November)



Watching and Backstage

To watch your dancer perform tickets are available via 2022 Lockyer District Dancing Festival - Groups and Troupes Tickets, Gatton Shire Hall, Gatton | TryBooking Australia .

Alternatively you can purchase tickets at the door.


Only teachers are allowed backstage and in dressing rooms.