City of Toowoomba Eisteddfod-2022

After being cancelled last year we are finally performing again at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod. We are so excited for our teams to perform in our home town on the Empire Theatre.

Who is dancing?

Performance Team

  • 6 Years Team- Jazz
  • 8 Years Team- ballet & lyrical 
  • 10 Years Team- ballet 
  • 12 years Team- ballet & lyrical
  • 15 Years Team- neo-clasical & ballet
  • Open Team- ballet & lyrical



  • Contemporary 3
  • Contemporary 4



5th August - 7th August


Below are the session times. For when to arrive and where to meet go to When You Arrive.


5th August- 8:00am Session

  • 6 Years Performance Team- Jazz (Meeting time is 7:30am.)
  • Meeting Miss Sian and Miss Grace


5th August- 12:30am Session

  • 8 Years Performance Team - ballet & lyrical (Meeting time is 12:10pm.) 
  • 10 Years Performance Team- ballet (Meeting time is 2:00pm.)



6th August- 12:30pm Session

  • 12 Years Performance Team- ballet & lyrical (Meeting time is 12:05pm)
  • Contemporary 3 (Meeting time is 12:30pm)


6th August- 5:30pm Session

  • 15 Years Performance Team- ballet (Meeting time is 5:15pm)


7th August- 8:00am Session

  • 15 Years Performance Team- neo-classical (Meeting time is 7:45am)
  • Contemporary 4- Hide & Seek, November, & Hyperreal (Meeting time is 8:00am)
  • Open team -ballet (Meeting time is 8:00am)



7th August- 5:30pm Session

  • Open team- lyrical (Meeting time is 5:25pm)


Empire Theatre- 54-56 Neil Street, Toowoomba City.

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Costumes, Hair & Make-up


Performance teams should have one of their costumes already (from your item at Kingaroy Eisteddfod).

Your second costume will be handed out in class in the coming weeks.


Other groups your costumes will be handed out in the coming weeks.


It is your responsibility to keep your costume in it's entirety safe and bring it to the event.


Will be set by your teacher. This will be communicated by email and/or discussed in class.


Regardless of your set hairstyle make sure you have ready:

  • gel &/or hairspray (we want no fluffy hair or fly away bit)
  • hair bands that are clear or same colour as your hair
  • bobby pins* that are the same colour as your hair
  • hair pins* (for buns and same colour as your hair)
  • hair nets (for buns and more than 1, they always seem to get holes)



*Hair pins as pictured beside are the best way to get a secure bun. These can be found in the hair aisle



*Bobby pins as picture beside are best used for securing hairpieces and smoothing out any fly aways



*Bobby pins as picture beside are best used for securing hairpieces and smoothing out any fly aways


Make up will be as per concert or as discussed by your teacher. If you need a refresher you can find our make up tutorials here: Dance hair and Make-up - Radiance Academy Toowoomba

when you arrive

Come in your Radiance Studio Jacket with your black studio pants.


Have your hair and make up done for your first item and your costumes in your costume bag.


Don't forget to bring water and clean healthy snacks.

where to meet

 Main foyer church side near the stairs.

arrival times



6 Years Performance Team- Jazz  (5th August- 8:00am Session)

ARRIVE BY 7:30am

-Section 655 Competitor 5


8 Years Performance Team - Ballet & lyrical (5th August- 12:30am Session)

ARRIVE BY 12:10pm

- Section 634 Competitor 8 (ballet)

-Section 964 Competitor 8 (lyrical)


10 Years Performance Team- Ballet (5th August- 12:30am Session)

 - ARRIVE BY 2.00pm

-Section 633 Competitor 1


10 Years Performance Team- lyrical (5th August- 5:30pm Session)

ARRIVE BY 5:10pm

-Section 693 Competitor 5



12 Years Performance Team- Ballet & Lyrical (6th August- 12:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 12:05pm

-Section 632 Competitor 6

-Section 692 Competitor 5



Contemporary 3 (6th August- 12:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 12:30pm

-Section 681.1 Competitor 12


15 Years Performance Team- Ballet (6th August- 5:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 5:15pm

-Section 631 Competitor 1


Hip Hop 12 to 15 Years (6th August- 5:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 7:20pm

-Section 703 Competitor 5


15 Years Performance Team- Neo-Classical (7th August- 8:00am Session)

-ARRIVE BY 7:45am

-Section 691.1 Competitor 11


Contemporary 4 (7th August- 8:00am Session)

-ARRIVE BY 8:00am

- Section 680.1 Competitor 2 (Hyperreal), Competitor 9 (Hide & Seek)

-Section 680.2 Competitor 5 (November)


Open Team -Ballet (7th August- 8:00am Session)

-ARRIVE BY 8:00am

-Section 630 Competitor 5


Hip Hop 15 and Over (7th August- 12:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 12:10pm

-Section 702 Competitor 3


Open Team- Lyrical (7th August- 5:30pm Session)

-ARRIVE BY 5:25pm

-Section 690.2 Competitor 11

tickets & backstage

Only teachers and dancers will be allowed backstage/in dressing rooms. Parents are not able to come to dressing rooms/backstage.


To watch your dancer perform you can purchase tickets either online on » Empire Theatre or on the day at the tickets office.