Practice Night Eisteddfod Preview Gala - High Tea


 We are very excited to be preparing for our High Tea.  We would love to invited our students to come along to the studio for a practice event.  


During the High Tea, the students won't get to see the items.  So this is their chance to polish their dances, encourage their friends and view all of the other items. 




Friday 6 May


 6:45 - 8:30pm


6's, 8's only required for the first half hour




High Street Studio


Who is dancing?


Performance Teams- 6 years, 8 years, 10 years, 12 years, 15 years and Open

Hip Hop Troupes- Under 9 years, Under 10 years, 12 to 15 years, Open Team

Contemporary - Contemporary 3 and 4

Soloists per teacher invitation

Cert Students 



what should I wear?


Any dance wear is acceptable - correct footwear compulsory. 

Run Sheet

*Subject to change without notice

Contemporary 4 A

Mahalia Peters

9/10 Hip hop Team

Open Team Classical Ballet

Layla Magarey

15 Years and Under Lyrical

Lily-Anne Smart

Hip hop 12 to 15 years

Stephanie Fernando 

Contemp 3

Caitlyn Mohr

Open Hip Hop Team

8 Years and Under Lyrical

Anna Lucia Jutsum

10 years Lyrical

Jasmine Andrew

Cert IV Contemporary

12 Years and Under Lyrical

Cert Character

Phoenix Silver

Dream Girls Cert IV

6 Years and Under Team Jazz

Contemporary 4 B

Vocational Graduation Ceremony


After High Tea - Marked with no audience

Cert Character

Cert II Lyrical

Cert IV Contemp

Cert III Musical theatre

Cert II Ballet

Cert IV Musical Theatre

Cert III Ballet

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