October Part 4

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Well photo day was an incredible success.  Miss Amy and her crew did an incredible job and the photos coming through already are SOOOO good!


This weeks To-do-list


The important things for this week are

  • Work out what time you are need for the SHOW 1 rehearsal on Sunday. 
  • Decide what size concert t-shirt you would like
  • Pick your preference for concert USB vs digital link
  • Purchase your tickets if you haven't already done that

Show 1 Rehersal this sunday


This is a reminder that everyone in Show 1 will be needed on Sunday for a costume rehearsal in full hair and make-up.


* corrections to below document


Musical Theatre senior will be moved to item 40a (before Tale as Old as Time)


Lara's solo will be moved to item 24a (after Bandits)


Ballet 3 Monday is item 33

31 October Junior Show Rehersal.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 171.7 KB

best practice for sunday


For Sunday we need to follow strict Covid-19 Safety rules to keep everyone safe and keep our numbers down.


  • Don't attend if you are unwell.
  • Use the check in app at the entrance to the waiting room. 
  • Parent support are required to arrive 15 minutes earlier than their crew to set up a space and get ready to receive their teams.  Meet with your students in the waiting room and then during the transition break we will set up in the big studio.  
  • NO additional parents/siblings are to be in the building due to restricted numbers.
  • Students who are staying all day please bring snacks and drinks to keep you going.  
  • Unless going straight home from the studio in costume, please don't go in and out of the studio in costume including to Drakes! 
  • If your student has multiple changes can you please make up a document and stick it onto your dream duffel or costume bag like the following...


Photo Day, parent support, rehersal dates and concert info

Exam photos


Exam photos are now available online.  


You will need a password to access the online file.  Here is the password




Download the Radiance App

Download using the below links....

Term 4


Payments are now due for term 4, please make your payment below.  We are just about to invoice for term 4. 

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