Toowoomba East State School Fete

And just like that we have another performance, another exciting opportunity to do what we love.

change to all saturday classes

 This will mean that classes will be different on Saturday morning 11th September.

Saturday 11 September Class Schedule at the Studio High Street Toowoomba


  • Hip hop 1 & 3 8:00 – 9:00am Studio 1 (some students will already be at the Eisteddfod and that is totally fine!)
  • Hip hop 2/4/5/All Cert and soloists/8s Performance Team 9:00 – 10:30am Studio 1
  • Ballet 1-4 unchanged as normal
  • Bronze Medal not on
  • Meet at the Fete (Dental Building East State School) 12:30pm
  • Acro unchanged - same as normal including anyone available for acro performance team
  • No private lessons on



11th of September-1:00pm to 2pm PLEASE ARRIVE AT 12.30pm for a 1pm start. 


For information on where and when to arrive scroll down When You Arrive.



East State School Dentist site.


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who is dancing?

  • 8 Years (Lyrical & Jazz)
  • 15 Years (Ballet)

Hip Hop Troupes:

  • Hip Hop 2
  • Hip Hop 4
  • Hip Hop 5

Certificate Dance Students:

  • Musical Theatre (Annie) Cert III
  • Cert II and Cert IV – Back stage crew



  • Lily-Anne, Anna Lucia, Kaitlin, Steph 


Run Sheet

1pm Start


  1. Hip hop 5 new mix
  2. P Team 8 years Jazz
  3. Lily Solo
  4. Kaitlin Solo
  5. Hard Knock Life
  6. Hip hop 2
  7. 15 years Ballet
  8. Pt Lyrical 8 years
  9. Senior Troupe
  10. Steph Solo
  11. Hip hop 4
  12. Anna Solo
  13. Freaks

Cert students

Cert II and IV Students

Can you please do the following:


  • Assist Miss Sian
  • Help with quick changes
  • Keep performers quiet and calm
  • Get the next group ready
  • Support the teams
  • Act as runners as required
  • Can 1 designated student take photos/videos of the performance

costumes, Hair & Make-Up

 Costumes have been handed out in class. If you do not have your costume yet please speak to your teacher immediately. Hair will be discussed in class with your teacher, makeup is usual stage makeup if you need a refresher please jump on the website and have a look.

  • Hip Hop 2 will need Shimmer Stockings (can be purchased here at the studio)
  • 8years Team will need both Shimmer and Convertible Ballet Stockings (can be purchased here at the studio)

Come in your Radiance Studio jacket and your black studio pants. If you don't have these items, please wear plain black jacket and pants.

Have your hair and make-up already done and your correct stockings underneath your pants and bring your costume in the bag provided.


when you arrive


Don't forget to bring water and clean healthy snacks.


 Meet your teacher at the dental building at East State School to await instructions.