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Well it looks like some nicer weather is here.  Hooray!

It is great to see you all dancing up a storm at the studio.  We have lots to tell you, so please have a good read of our March News.


Our newsletters will be emailed to you once per month, but you can access them anytime.   You will find all newsletters on our website on the tab entitled News.



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Group Fit Classes Coming Soon....


We are hoping to trial a brand new class very soon.  On a Thursday morning we will be running a Group Fit & Barre Class with a beautiful local personal trainer/ group fit instructor.  We are hoping to offer two groups depending on interest. 

  • Open Group Fit & Barre
  • Over 50's Group Fit and Barre

Contact the office to put your name down for more information.

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Free Dress - Monday 5 to Saturday 11 March


So that we don't get any mid-term doldrums... next week is dress up/free dress/fancy pants week! 


Feel free to send your dancer in a costume, a fun outfit or something creative.  Please remember they must be able to dance easily in their outfit!

Watching Class


Excluding trials - parents, grandparents, guardians and friends are invited to wait in the waiting area, on the benches, in the garden, at a coffee shop or nearby park during dance classes.  Unless there has been an agreement with the Studio Principal, the studio is for dancers and teachers only.  Please allow the classroom to be purely a learning space for the benefit of all participants.






During the last classes of the term... please come and watch what we have learnt this year so far.  Please invite Nanna, or Auntie Jo along and enjoy our special lesson.   

Be patient with us... sometimes we can get shy with so many people in the room.  But we would love to show you what we can do now.


From the 26 March to the 1 April OPEN WEEK.

(Excluding Tap) Tap dancers OPEN WEEK is early on the 22 March.


Saturday Changes


We are very excited to introduce to you our new Saturday teacher Miss Meg.  Please make her feel welcome when you meet her on Saturday 11 March.  Miss Meg comes to us with a great background in RAD Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Irish and Jazz dancing.   Miss Meg has also done early childhood studies and will be the perfect teacher for our tiny classes on Saturday.  Please note the timetable has also slightly changed.  For more details please contact the office.



Our Performance Teams will be required during the Easter school holidays.  We will be performing at two events.  All costumes will be provided free of charge if returned in perfect condition in week 1 of term 2.  If costumes are lost, damaged or not returned on time - full replacement cost will be charged to the students account.  Costumes will be handed out in the last fortnight of term 1.


Monday Performance Team will be required on

  • Easter Saturday 15 April 10:45am for an 11:15 start at the Civic Square.  Please bring costumes, change area will be provided.  Light stage make-up and hair in a bun.  Please see the tutorial for details.

Tuesday Performance Team will be required on

  • St Luke's Palm Sunday Service, Sunday 9 April 8:45am  meeting for a 9am start, in costume (with a shirt over the top), light stage make-up and hair half up and half down.  Rehearsal details will be provided soon.
  • Easter Saturday 15 April 10:45am for an 11:15 start at the Civic Square.  Please bring costumes, change area will be provided.  Light stage make-up and hair in a bun.  Please see the tutorial for details.



Dates for 2017 (A very rough guide)


Dance Lessons Term Dates

Term 1 - Monday 23 January to Saturday 1 April

Term 2 - Tuesday 18 April to Saturday 24 June

Term 3 - Monday 10 July to Saturday 16 September

Term 4 - Tuesday 3 October to Saturday 9 December


Auditions for Main Characters for Concert

May June 2017


Winter School

July School Holidays



Early August 2017


Concert and Rehearsal Dates

Rehearsals - Saturday 4 & 11 November

Concert - Saturday 18 November at the Empire Theatre






Thank you all for your patience and consideration of others in the carpark.  We have a few options for parking at the studio on busy days. 


We have the grass car park.  We ask that you please supervise your children in this area.  We don't want any children injured, so please check before reversing out.  However, this is to be a strictly no play area for students. 


There is street parking on Angle Street near the Church.  There is also parking on High Street in designated parking areas.


We are not able to access the kindy parking spaces during the week.  If all other parks are taken on Saturdays we are permitted to use this space.


Please contact the office if you have any concerns.




We have had sooooo many discussions over the last few weeks about the use of syllabus.  What does it mean?  What do we use?  And how does it concern my dancer?  To have a read of my blog regarding this topic, please click here.


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Top 25


We were recently notified that we were in the Top 25 Most Popular for Active Activities in our area!  Woohoo!  Get active :-)



Can we please ask a huge favour?  As we share our bathroom facility with St Mark's congregation, can you please help me to keep them in good working order. 


There is a nappy change table in the third cubicle.  Please help yourself to this facility.  We just ask that you dispose of nappies in the wheelie bin where possible. We will endeavour to keep this cubicle stocked with nappy bags for your convenience. 




Exam prep is under way for many of our classes.  Dates have been nominated and we are starting to prepare.  Exams will be offered in classical ballet, jazz moves and tap this year.  These are not compulsory!


Things to consider:

  • Child receives a report, certificate and medallion
  • They will require a day off school to participate at the studio (1 Angle Street Rangeville)
  • They will require full uniform including hair ribbon, shoes etc
  • Cost  from $40 - $150
  • Additional classes (July school holidays)
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DVDs and Photographs


DVD's are ready to be collected from the studio.  The photographs are up on the walls and ready to order from the studio.  Please talk to your teacher to organise an order or collection.

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Space on Saturday


We still have spaces in our Saturday classes.  Miss Meg, Miss Lara, Miss Kimberely, Miss Eve and Miss Lydia are working hard preparing classes.  If you would like to book a spot for a Saturday class, please  contact the office.


2nd Hand Uniforms


There are bits and pieces for sale at the studio :-)


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