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Concert News

To purchase tickets from the Empire Theatre Box office simply follow this link.




We are so excited about the concert that we are putting on at the Empire Theatre in November!  We know you are going to love it. 


There was a mix up with our booking at the Empire Theatre.   They did not book Sunday for us as originally planned.  We are now combining the three shows back into two shows!  Woohoo what an adventure:-)  


So if your student was dancing show 3... they are now dancing both show 1 and show 2.  We have new details attached. 



Ticket Limit - Performer ticket


There are no limits to the amount of tickets you can buy.  We don't have performers sitting in the audience this year so there should be lots of room for all of our families.  You do not need to purchase performer tickets this year.  The students will remain backstage for the entire show and will be collected after the final curtain. 


Parent Support Required

In order for us to run our concert we will require 1 parent support person per group.  Without these supporters our concert will not be possible.  If you would like to see how the backstage runs, watch from the best vantage point and enjoy the thrill of stage... WE NEED YOU!

With three concerts being held on concert weekend, you definitely won't miss out.  There will still be plenty of opportunity for you to sit in the audience. 


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Concert Photo Day Sunday 25 October


We are hosting a photo day on Sunday 25 October at the studio.  ALL concert students will be required in full make-up with hair done and in costume.  Due to Covid restrictions in the building... it will be quite a tricky prospect to run...but super important to commemorate this year that was:-)


Although it is difficult, we ask that all students who require help dressing arrive and wait outside the building with mum/dad fully in costume with hair and makeup already done.  For a refresher of hair and make-up please see here. 


Costumes will be handed out in class in week 3 of term 4.  These will then be left at the Empire Theatre after the dancer has performed.  Don't forget to take a change of clothes to the Theatre. 


It is a logistical jigsaw puzzle to put together these days - even before Covid19.  Please be patient and kind, we are working our hardest to ensure your dancer has a magical experience.  Details will change and the details provided at this stage are in draft form. 


Please see the lists below


Class Name

Day of the week that the class is normally held on 

Sunday 25 October time that the photo shoot will be held... pleases arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the time listed below and wait outside ready for collection


Ring Masters Jazz 8  Wednesday All 8:00
Elephants   Ballet 2/3 Tuesday 1 8:10
Elephants   Ballet 2/3 Thursday 2 8:30
Main Characters    Saturday All 8:40
Popcorn   Ballet 5 Tuesday 1 9:00
Popcorn   Ballet 4 Wednesday 2 9:10
Spanish Dolls Ballet 12 Thursday All 9:20
Opera Singers Ballet 13 Monday ALL 9:30
Big Cats   Ballet 2 Monday 1 9:40
Big Cats   Ballet 3 Monday 2 9:50
Freak show Contemp 4    Wednesday All 10:00
Carousel Ponies Ballet 2 Friday 1 10:10
Carousel Ponies Ballet 3 Friday 2 10:20
Tap Back Stage Crew Tap 1 & 2 Friday 1 10:30
Tap Back Stage Crew Tap 3 Friday 2 10:40
Zebras   Ballet 2/3 Saturday 1 10:50
Zebras   Ballet 4 Saturday 2 11:00
Knife Throwers Ballet 13 Thursday ALL 11:10
Hip hop 1 Entertainers Hip hop 1 Saturday 1 11:20
Hip hop 2 Entertainers Hip hop 2 Saturday 2 11:30
Sad Clowns Ballet 12 Monday All 11:40
Afro Circus Jazz 1/2 Friday 1 11:50
Afro Circus Jazz 3 Friday 2 12:00
Bearded Ladies Open PT Monday ALL 12:10
Tightrope Walkers Ballet 5 Saturday 1 12:20
Tightrope Walkers Ballet 6 Saturday 2 12:30
Show 3 only items        
Ballet Recital (7) Ballet 7 Monday 3 1:10
This is me Musical Theatre Musical Theatre Wednesday 3 1:20
Ballet Recital (6) Ballet 6 Monday 3 1:30
Tiny Soldiers Ballet 8 Thursday 3 1:40
Acro 1   Acro 1  Saturday 3 1:50
Jazz 4 & 5   Jazz 4 & 5 Friday 3 2:00
Acro 3   Acro 3 Saturday 3 2:10
Magician and Assistants Ballet 11 Tuesday 3 2:20
Cheer   Cheer Saturday 3 2:30
Ribbon Twirlers  Junior Team Monday 3 2:40
Tightrope Team B Inter Team Thursday 3 2:50
Acro 2   Acro 2 Saturday 3 3:00
Pantomime Ballet 9 Monday 3 3:10
Silk Artists Ballet 10 Tuesday 3 3:20
Kewpie Dolls Ballet 9 Thursday 3 3:30
Tap Back Stage Crew Tap 4 Wednesday 3 3:40
Tap Back Stage Crew Tap 7 Wednesday all 3:40
Song and Dance Routine Tap Tap 5 & 6 Wednesday 3 3:50
Marionettes Contemp 3 Tuesday 3 4:00
Seals   Contemp 2 Tuesday 3 4:10
Dancing Girls Ballet 10 Thursday 3 4:20
Barnham and Charity Ballet 8 Monday 3 4:30
Barnham and Charity Ballet 11 Thursday 3 4:40
Cotton Candy Ballet 7 Wednesday 3 4:50
Albinos   Hip hop 3 Saturday 3 5:00
Cyclops   Hip hop 4 Saturday all 5:10
Ring Masters Assistants Jazz 6 & 7 Tuesday 3 5:20


Concert - The Greatest Show


Our concert weekend is going to be 13, 14 November.  We are booked into the Empire Theatre for that weekend.   We are excited to let you know that we will be dancing in front of a live audience.  Tickets will be limited and the Empire Theatre will have strict rules about the selling of the tickets.  More details to come. 


Normally our concerts are a full show with an interesting story line.  However, this year we are running our concert quite differently.  We are using the theme of Circus and The Greatest Showman to inspire different items.  As we are unable to run our big rehearsal weekends this year, it is impossible to run a seamless storyline.  So we are going to enjoy a more traditional style dance recital with single items. 


Tickets will go on sale on Monday 12th October through the Empire Theatre box office. 


We are dancing 2 different shows this year to split the studio and the audience.  


Show 1 Saturday 12:30pm (rehearsal 8am)

Show 2 Saturday 6:30pm (rehearsal 3:00pm)


Show 3 will now be folded into both show 1 and show 2


Costumes are currently being laundered/ordered/sourced/organised for your class.  All concert fees are added to your account throughout the year.  There will be some "catch up fees" added in term 4 for any students who have not completed a full year of dancing in a particular class. 


Students in Ballet 1 and adult classes are not required to perform in the concert.


Here is some more information about the concert.  


Is it possible to swap to a different show?  Students in Show 1 or 2 may be have some scope to swap between those shows as they will run a similar run list - this is by negotiations with your teacher and the admin office.   For example if sister 1 is dancing in Show 1 and sister 2 is dancing in Show 2.... it may be possible to put both sisters in the one show.  However, if Sister 1 is dancing Show 3 and brother 1 is dancing Show 1 - we will not be able to change this one.   Show 3 is a different run sheet with very different items and different classes. 


Should I watch all shows?  The shows will be very different.  Show 1 and Show 3 will have a very different cast list for the junior items, however, the items will be very similar.  Show 3 includes a much longer and more comprehensive run list with many more items.  


Can I dance additional shows?  Due to Covid19 restrictions we need to limit the amount of people back stage.  We don't have a lot of opportunity for dancing additional shows this year. If you have particular needs please discuss this with your teacher.  


What happens if we don't want to do concert?  We need to know in writing ASAP!




Show 1 Sat 14 November 12:30 - 2:45pm

Concert 1 Cast list.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 252.8 KB

*Draft 2 changes have been made

Show 2 Sat 14 November 6:30 - 8:45pm

Concert 2 Cast list.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 244.6 KB

**Draft 3 changes have been made

Show 3 Date/Time to be advised - now combined with show 1 and show 2

Run Sheet Draft

Run sheets.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 99.0 KB

Concert USB/Link

Make sure you order a copy of the Concert USB/Link to remember the lovely show in this crazy year!  We have a wonderful film crew from Salt Studios producing the footage for us.

Show 1 USB


Show 2 USB


Both USBs


Show 1 Digital Link


Show 2 Digital Link


Both Digital Links


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  • #1

    Sarah Gillbard (Thursday, 08 October 2020 09:34)

    Is there an option to get both shows?

  • #2

    Emma Halley (Thursday, 08 October 2020 10:19)

    Show 1 Sat 14 November
    12:30 - 2:30pm

    Show 2 Sat 14 November
    3:30 - 5:30pm

    Are the above details correct?
    Thanks Emma

  • #3

    Edwards Family (Wednesday, 21 October 2020 03:14)

    hello just need to know time for photoshoot on Sunday 25th ? Ellie is in hip hop on saturday morning class at 8.45am....thanks

  • #4

    Rachel (Wednesday, 21 October 2020 23:54)

    Edwards family....
    Scroll up, all the photo shoot times are there. If you're on your phone,turn it sideways to see the info �