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What an exciting time we find ourselves in. 

I pray that you and your family are safe and well!



Wow... what a time, what a change.  The plans that I had for our amazing dance family for 2020 certainly did not look like this!  There have been many sleepless nights and many tears shed lately.  I especially missing seeing all of the students that I have come to love so much!


It's really difficult to know how to plan going forward from here to be of the most benefit to the greatest number of people.  I have been tirelessly working, planning and researching  to know what is the best plan for our studio.  


As you know plans keep changing, and our world reshaping daily.  However, at this moment I would like to try and keep our dance family together if possible.  I would like to offer to continue the online content as long as necessary at a reduced rate.  I understand that families may not have the resources they had a few weeks ago during this strange time.   I will commit to keeping our students progressing together to achieve all of the goals that we had for 2020.  We will have a concert in 2020!  We will do grading/exams in 2020!  We will perform in 2020!  This may look different to what we have seen before, but different can be beautiful because of its silver linings.


Reading an article from UNICEF about how to support our kids through this time and a few things really stood out to me.  Children need structure. Full stop. And what we’re all having to do, very quickly, is invent entirely new structures to get every one of us through our days,” says Dr. Damour. “I would strongly recommend that parents make sure that there’s a schedule for the day — that can include playtime where a kid can get on their phone and connect with their friends, but it also should have technology-free time and time set aside to help around the house. We need to think about what we value and we need to build a structure that reflects that. It will be a great relief to our kids to have a sense of a predictable day and a sense of when they’re supposed to be working and when they get to play.”  I believe now more than ever, we need to continue to support our children pursue their interest in dance. For me during my childhood, this was my identity, my outlet, my safety, my world in many senses.  When everything has been turned upside down for our kids, let's do everything in our power to ensure that this one piece of our children's identity and joy remains untouched.  Our children will remember this time forever, let's make sure its not an all bad experience.  Let's fill their little tanks with laughter, joy, movement, endorphins and  more! 


There are lots of options and lots of plans from lots of different studios all trialling different ideas during the "lock-down" time.  A lot of these ideas are great!  But I will take a moment to share with you why we have decided to go with the idea that we have.  Although live streaming classes are having great success in some studios, there is a huge wave of feedback on forums about these being quite unsuccessful.  The reasons range from time lag in music, safety issues with R rated material being broadcast live of the top of classes by hackers, lots of glitches, time outs etc etc.  The social aspect of these classes is amazing but the content, delivery and amount of dancing suffers because of all of the above issues.    I have chosen for us to deliver our content via YouTube.  This is not the only or best way.  However, I like this way because YouTube is a very stable and reliable platform.  I can link it to Kids Only content for our safety.  I can ensure that no-one is able to hack and change the content.  There is not music time lag.  And the classes can be done over and over again.  This week, we had 1 class that usually has 15 attendees, done over 100 times!  The families will get great value for money.  We will attempt to organise some "virtual" social activities as well for some groups!  To keep up our team connectivity and spirit.


Globally each year the dance industry grows by 3.9%.  Scientists, psychologist and researchers all agree that dance is a beneficial and important ingredient to a healthy and well-rounded life.  From tiny tots first learning development skills, to our older clients in the Over 55's ballet and our seated Parkinson's classes reversing the signs of aging - dance is valuable.  Therefore, we will continue, we will pivot, we will re-invent ourselves to ensure that dance continues and we can serve our community.  Through the tears and isolation we will dance and find joy - separately, together!


While I dance I can not judge, I can not hate, I can not separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.-Hans Bos








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