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We are so excited to have the studio re-opening this week. 

We have had so much fun with our lovely dancers.  We are excited for more annoucements and more easing of restrictions on Friday.


I am excited about the year and can't wait to prepare our students for exams, concerts, performances and so much more.  I am confident that it will be an amazing year.  Inside the studio we want to have a safe haven.  We don't want students to be worrying about the economy, the viruses and the big bad world.  We want a place where students feel safe and cared for.  We want our children and our dancers to experience business as usual because this is the best thing for them. 


I understand the news scare mongers are pedalling their usual doom and gloom at such a rate of knots that even the most level headed people are spinning.  I am hopeful that tomorrow the sun will still be shinning and the birds will still be chirping.  


The studio has a comprehensive contingency plan in place for a cohesive and wholistic management of any glitches that may come our way.  Rest assured that everything is well in hand to provide for you and your family regardless of the situation.


We have had advice from our over arching governing bodies and are ahead of the game with our policies and procedures.

  1. Our hygiene and germ management procedures include daily cleaning of barres and door handles. 
  2. We have implemented a no-hand holding policy during the cooler months to limit hand to hand contact. 
  3. We have attempted to sign bathrooms reminding people to wash hands (however, every single day the blue tack has been stolen - so this one is a bit difficult... by the way who needs blue tack so urgently that 6 out of 7 days that the signs have been up the blue tack has been stolen).  
  4. We have been advised that students travelling from overseas should not return to class within 14 days of arrival.  
  5. Unwell people should not be in class or the waiting room.   If unwell students are sent to class, parents will be asked to collect them so that we can provide a safe space for our students. 
  6. Feel free to use your travel hand sanitiser as required or use the soap and water provided in the bathrooms as necessary.   Hand sanitiser is not freely avaiable for clients as there is a Toowoomba shortage. 
  7. If there is any need to... (which I doubt)… we can film classes and send content directly to your student so that they can take class at home. 

All systems are go... no need to worry about dance classes.  There will be no interruptions and everything is business as usual.  


Toowoomba Show Holiday


Thursday 26 March is Toowoomba show Holiday's People's Day.  We are planning to host classes as normal.  There will be no cancelled classes that day.  If you are unable to attend normal classes you are more than welcome to attend a make-up lesson at the class of your choice.  


Jacket Re-order


When we returned to dance at the start of term 1... we collected sizes for the Radiance Jackets order.  We then sent the order through to our supplier.  Unfortunately due to Coronavirus and the delays on importing at the moment this has not progressed in the que.  If you have a jacket on order it is NOT being manufactured as we had hoped.  The delay is not ending at this point.  Therefore, I have sourced a local supplier to manufacture our jackets.   If you are currently waiting on a jacket or would like to order a jacket please follow the process below as your current order has now been cancelled.  


We need you to let us know your sizing as per a DIFFERENT sizing chart... sorry.


Once you have worked out your order please complete the order below.  I will put through our next order on Monday lunch time.  Please send through your order urgently. 


Game Clothing Radiance Jacket

8 week order for Game Clothing jacket


  • Available

Walton Stores


Calling all of our performance teams, hip hop 4, hip hop 3, hip hop 1, soloisits and Cert III students.  We are going to perform at Walton Stores in week 9.


Sunday 29 March 3pm for a 3:30pm start

Term 1 Dates

Term 2 coming up


You do NOT need to rebook your current class for term 2.  You will be automatically rebooked until the conculssion of term 4.  You only need to contact the office if you are changing classes or adding extra classes.  



We still have some availability in some classes.  Our tap classes, boys club and some brand new Saturday groups still have space.  If you are interested in a ballet 2-3 Saturday afternoon or a ballet 4 Saturday afternoon please contact the office to register your details.


If you wish to book into any adult classes, boys club, or tap dancing press the link below. 


Parents we have space in our adult tap on Friday night... I think that class is for you!



Pay Account Now


If you haven't paid your account yet here are a list of ways for you to pay

  • online through your portal
  • click this link
  • deposit into the bank account listed on your invoice
  • cash/card in person at the studio
  • over the phone
  • monthly Auto-pay set up online through your portal or ring the office

Save the dates...

Office Hours


If you would like some help with anything our friendly reception team is happy to serve you.  We are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 to 11am, every weekday afternoon from 3:45 till 6:00pm,  and all day Saturday.


Additional Uniform Items


If you would like to order a any game clothing items including, shorts, pants or any logo material please click on the link below to find out more. 


Concert Photos will be on sale shortly


The photos from the studio photo shoot are now available.  Please click here to order. 


If any photos are missing please let us know.  We do still have the concert photos being uploaded as we speak.  We will let you know as soon as they are availble. 


Keepsake - only USB available now too late to order the link


Our concerts will be filmed by local production crew ShootnEdit.  These will be available before Christmas from the studio.   To order please fill out the details below. 


Charli and the Chocolate Factor USB - Both shows 1:30pm and 6:00pm

Both shows professionally captured for your convience on one USB to watch on any device.  


  • Available

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