Christmas Wonderland


We are excited to be invited again this year to dance at the Christmas Wonderland Lights at Queens Park in Botanical Gardens. It is always a fun event  Don't forget to invite your family and friends for a fun night out!

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We are going to run all items in the performance schedule at the studio from 4.45pm to 6.30pm on Thursday the 2nd of December.

It would be great to see all of you at the rehearsal, the more time to practice together the better.

No classes will run on the Thursday after this rehearsal finishes at 6.30pm




Monday 6th and Thursday 9th of December

Meeting at 6:40pm 

Gates Open at 7:00pm

Dancing at 7:15pm



Botanical Gardens - Queens Park 

Meet at the Canon (outside the Christmas Wonderland) - 6.40pm


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Who is dancing

Jazz 7

Jazz 8

Jazz 9

Contemporary 4

Contemporary 3

Hip Hop 3

Hip Hop 5

12yrs and 15yrs Team

10yrs Team

8yrs Team

Open Team

Ballet 8





Steph F






What to wear?

Arrive wearing your Radiance jacket and Studio 7 black pant with your tights and body stocking (if you wear one) or your costume underneath. Make sure your hair and make-up are already done. If you do not have a Radiance Jacket, then please wear your Radiance Uniform Shirt or plain black jacket. Costumes will be handed out in class shortly. 

Set List

  1.  Contemporary 4


    2.       Jazz 7

    3.       Lily-Anne- Ballet or Demi character

    4.       Hip Hop 3

    5.       8 Years Team

    6.       Jazz 9

    7.       10 years Team

    8.       Contemporary 3

    9.       Steph- Demi Character

    10.   Open Team-Character

    11.   Ballet 8

    12.   12yrs & 15yrs Team

    13.   Phoenix- Lyrical?

    14.   Jazz 8

    15.   Evelynne- Lyrical

    16.   Hip Hop 5

Hair and makeup

Hair & Make-Up

-          Hair will be worn as per concert- mid height straight back bun, boys neatly styled.


-          Make-up will be as per concert.

Stockings & Shoes


As we are dancing outside in the elements, be mindful of keeping your very best stockings at home.  Can you wear your 2nd best pair of stockings?  Hole free but not your exam ones.  No ribbons are required as we have fast changes.  Elastics are fine for outdoor events!


Hip hop - please wear black high top shoes or black sneakers and black socks. 


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