Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers


We are super excited to be dancing at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers at Queens Park in Side Show Alley.  This is the first time we are performing as a part of Carnival of flowers.  It is going to be such a wonderful day - especially if the weather is good.  Don't forget to invite your family and friends for a fun day out!



Sunday 22nd of September 

Meeting at 12:40pm 

Dancing at 1:00pm




Queens Park - Side Show Alley Stage 

Meet beside the stage at 12:40pm


 Junior Troupe - Parents feel free to collect your dancer once they have danced and they can sit with you and support the remainder of the teams.  All other dancers can remain as a team to the side of the stage.


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Open Performance Team

12 and Under Performance Team

10 and Under Performance Team

Junior Troupe

Senior Troupe

Contemporary 3

What to wear?

Most of you will have your costume already.  Hip hop will receive their costume on Saturday this week/next week.


Please wear sunscreen if the weather is warm.  

Set List

  1. Open Lyrical PT
  2. Anna - Lucia Solo 
  3. 10/U Jazz
  4. Lily Solo 
  5. Junior Troupe 
  6. Jasmine Solo
  7. Senior Contemporary 
  8. 12/U Lyrical 
  9. Open Jazz 
  10. Mia - Irish Solo 
  11. 12/U Ballet 
  12. Micaela Solo
  13. Senior Hip Hop 
  14. 10/U Ballet

 *this set list is subject to change depending on availability of teams, troupes and soloists.

Hair - style

  1. Boys - neatly styled with gel
  2. Open teams - mid height straight slick pony tail
  3. 10/U & 12/U PTs - mid height bun using bun donut, net, pins and gel (no hair changes required)
  4. Hip hop Troupes - mid height straight slick pony tail

* if your dancer is in teams and troupes and are unable to change their hair between items, it will remain in mid height bun. 


  1. Boys - none required
  2. Open teams/Senior Troupe - Cover girl outlast all day shade '521', brown shades for eyeshadow, option (preferred) false eyelashes. Maybelline 24hr Colour stay 'Eternal Flame' lipstick.
  3. 10/U PT and Junior Troupe - Cover girl outlast all day shade '521', brown shades for eyeshadow; Maybelline 24hr colour stay 'continuous coral' lipstick 
  4. 12/U PT and Intermediate Troupe - Cover girl outlast all day shade '521', brown shades for eyeshadow; Maybelline 24hr Colour stay 'Eternal Flame' lipstick.

Stockings & Shoes


As we are dancing outside in the elements, be mindful of keeping your very best stockings at home.  Can you wear your 2nd best pair of stockings?  Hole free but not your exam ones.  No ribbons are required as we have fast changes.  Elastics are fine for outdoor events!


Troupe - please wear black high top shoes and black socks. 


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