Eisteddfod Preview Gala - High Tea



Woohoo!  After our distinct lack of performing last year.... I am excited to announce we are on track ready for a cracker performing season in 2021!  We are offering a limited number of tickets to attend a special preview of our performance's for 2021. 




Sunday 16th May 2021



Dancers 1:15pm drop off for a 2:00pm start



Audience 1:30pm doors open for a 2:00pm start 




Highfields Cultural Centre


Who is dancing?


Performance Teams- 8 years, 10 years, 12 years, 15 years and Open

Hip Hop Troupes- Hip hop 5, Hip hop 4

Contemporary - Contemporary 3 and Contemporary 4

Acro performance Team

Soloists per teacher invitation



Costumes, Hair & Make-Up

Costume and hair pieces are being organised and will be handed out after the school holidays. 


Hair will be set by your teacher and discussed in class.


Make-Up will be as per concert or as discussed by your teacher in class. If you need a refresher you can find our make-up tutorials on https://www.radianceacademytoowoomba.com/performing-exams-uniforms/hair-and-make-up/.

When You Arrive


Come in your Radiance Studio Jacket with your black studio pants. 


Have your hair and make-up done and costume in a costume bag provided or your dream duffel. 


Don't forget to bring water and clean healthy snacks.


Go to the marshalling front desk and find out where your wait area is.



Purchase Tickets

High Tea Tickets

An afternoon show including high tea.  If you have special dietary requirements, please email the office 

High Tea and Performance


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