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Dance School News

Hello lovely dance families.  It is so good to be back in the swing of term 1.  We are so excited to have so many new faces joining us in dance.


Although it is warm outside, it is beautifully cool at the studio.  But don't forget to send your dancer with their drink bottles.  We also have a new water cooler in the waiting room for you to refill your bottles when they are empty. 



Qld Ballet here this week


Members of the staff from the Qld Ballet will be running classes at our studio on Sunday of this week.  To be eligible to attend you need to register as a Qld Ballet Junior Friend... then book the workshop through the Qld Ballet.  There are still spaces available.  Especially for the 2-5 year olds!!!!!  



We have just been notified that we have been named as an award winner for the Active Activities in the Toowoomba region for 2018.

Student Teachers


We are excited to introduce to you a bevy of beautiful and talented Student Teachers.  If you see any of these wonderful ladies around the studio helping with classes you can be sure the students are in good hands.  We are so thankful to our Student Teachers for all that they do for our younger dancers.  The leadership, mentoring and of course technical skills helps to produce the next generation of talented dancers even faster!


Studio Open Hours


The shop is open every morning from 9 till 11am (except Wednesday and Sunday) and every afternoon from 3:15 to 6pm (except Sunday).  


We apologise that the PW Dance wear is out of stock.  We are waiting anxiously for the new shipment!  I will notify you as soon as it arrives.  


Classes are filling fast

We do have limited availabilities left in our term 1 classes.    If you are still thinking about adding a class we can certainly help you with

  • toddler ballet (during the week)
  • mid-level ballet (Saturday)
  • senior ballet
  • Jazz 1-3 Saturday only
  • Adult classes
  • Tap 3-6

Other availabilities upon request

Term 1 Dates


Term 1 Tuesday 29 January up to and including Saturday 6 April.

Term 1 Fees


To pay your term 1 account, please click on the link below.  All outstanding fees are now considered overdue!


Viewing Class


You are invited to come and watch class the first week of April.  We can't wait to show you how much we are learning.

Important 2019 Information


For your benefit we have put together some useful information for 2019.  Please follow the link to read about the expectations for the studio this year. 



We are going to aim to have our examiner here in July/August 2019.  We hope to have a preparation workshop in the June/July holidays.  To be eligible for exams you need to be doing

  • Ballet 4-6 one class/week
  • Ballet 7-13 two classes/week
  • Jazz 2-6 one class/week
  • Tap 2-6 one class/week

We don't plan to have the other classes examined by the ATOD this year.  Please chat to your teacher or click here to find out more.  


Photos are still up at the studio for you to have a look at and order! We will take these down at the end of the week. 

Dates for 2019 (A very rough guide)


Dance Lessons Term Dates

 Term 1 2019 - Tuesday 29 January to Saturday 6 April


Practice Exams June/July 2019


Exams July/August 2019



Concert Dates 2019

Concert - Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November 



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