Radiance Ravings - June Part 2

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Oh my goodness.... what a freezing day!  But thankfully we are toasting and warm in the studio today.  The air conditioning is set at a beautiful 23 degrees year round and we are able to dance even on the feral days and not feel the cold.  Please remember to send your dancer in a coat and slippers on these cold days to get to and from the car.


You will get your newsletter link emailed to you once a fortnight.  Don't forget to check out everything that is going on!  


Account Term 3


You don't need to change anything, or rebook for term 3.  That all happens automatically.  You will receive an invoice in the last week of term 2.  Please check your junk mail or chat with the front desk if you don't receive this.


The concert hire fees will be added to your term 3 account.  Please note you will get charged 1 costume hire fee/class that your child attends.  

End of year concert


This year we are doing the concert




This will be our own interpretation of the original story the Wizard of Oz.   We will be hosting this show on the 17 November at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba.  This show will be shown twice... once as a matinee and once as a feature show.  The pre-school age students will only perform at one show.  Either the matinee or the feature show - so that we don't wear them out!  The school aged children will most likely perform in both shows.  We haven't attempted this before and will unfold more details as they come to hand. 


All dancers under 3 years will not be required at this years show.  However, we would love them to come and watch!  


We do not have a cast list ready to release yet.  We are still doing up our drafts at this time.  Stay tuned for more information to come shortly.  


All dancers will hire costumes.  We already have some samples here.  More to come shortly.  These costume hire fees will be added to the term 3 account coming shortly.  


Find out more about the concert here.



Arrive 45 minutes earlier than start time
Exam Timetable Final version.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 26.6 KB


We have exciting news about our upcoming ATOD examinations.  We have the amazing and highly regarded Karen Malek travelling from Sydney to do our exams on the 30th and 31st of July.  The timetable will be released soon.  


We are having our practice exams on the Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of July in the school holidays.  The actual exams will be on Monday 30th July and Tuesday 31st July... the timetable will be exactly the same for the practice exams and real exams.   So to work out your time for the practice exams, simply replace Monday 30th July with Monday 2nd July and Tuesday 31st July with Tuesday 3rd July.


We were unable to back to back the ballet and jazz exams for those kids doing multiple exams because we need to work around different staff members who all have different outside jobs and commitments.  Thank you for your understanding with this logistically tricky project.  



Adobe Acrobat Document 156.3 KB

ATOD International


We are so excited to be attending the ATOD International in Brisbane from Wednesday the 9th July to Thursday 12th July.  This will involve all performance teams, contemporary 3 and solo dancers.  Please let me know if you have any space in your car.  We need a lift for 2 people for Open Contemporary on Thursday night and 1 little person for Bronze Performance Team.  


This will be held at the QUT Garden Theatre 2 George Street.  We can't wait to see you all there!


You will require the following items ...



Eisteddfod Pack List

  • Costume in garment bag
  • Stockings (a spare is always a good idea) Please check with your teacher which stockings are required
    • Light pink ballet stockings (Ballet pink not tan)
    • Contemp 3 - light pink ballet stockings convertible rolled up
  • Make up
  • Hair supplies (pins, elastics, gel/hairspray, bun net)
  • Flesh coloured underwear or no underwear (body-stocking not required as there will be no quick changes)
  • Shoes
    • Ballet shoes (with ribbons sewn on)
    • Caramel jazz shoes
    • Contemp 3 will wear bare feet
  • Safety pins just in case
  • Warm up gear
  • Team shirt/Jacket



Viewing Week


You are invited to attend your children's classes next week and see how much they have progressed this term.  We can't wait to see you and any special guests next week.  Monday 25 June to Saturday 30 June. 

Lost Property


We have piles and piles of lost property.  Please collect your belongings by the end of term.  All remaining lost property will be donated to charity on the 1st of July. 


Stretch of the Month


Competition time is over! We have a winner!  Our winner will be notified this week!

Dance Wear


We have a big shipment of brand new dancewear in stock.  We have EVERYTHING in stock!   We are now open from 9am till late EVERY night.  Perfect for busy kids and working parents.  



Dates for 2018 (A very rough guide)


Dance Lessons Term Dates

Term 2 - Tuesday 17 April to Saturday 30 June

Term 3 - Monday 16 July to Saturday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 8 October to Saturday 15 December



Toowoomba Eisteddfod

Part 2: 26th July – 6th August (Groups)


Winter School - Exam Prep



ATOD International

9-12 July Brisbane 2018



30 & 31st July 2018


Language and Cultures Festival

12 August 2018


Rangeville State School Fete

1 September 2018


Lockyer Dance Festival

13 -28 September 2018


East State School Fete

13 October 2018


Concert Rehearsals - to be advised

Sunday 21 October

Sunday 28 October

Sunday 4 November

Sunday 11 November

Concert Dates

Concert - Saturday 17 November at the Empire Theatre



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    Tina Laughton Re: Cruz (Friday, 22 June 2018 02:48)

    Good morning.
    Please be advised my hours have been changed at work as of Monday and Cruz Laughton will be unable to attend class any longer. Please remove my credit card details from your database and if you could let me know you received either of my emails that would be appreciated. Could you pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to the young lady who teaches the boys group of a Wednesday. She did an incredible job under sometimes very trying circumstances. You have a real asset in this dance teacher. Cruz enjoyed his lessons immensely and we are very disappointed about his having to cease class.
    All the best.
    Thank you.
    Tina Laughton.
    Re: Cruz Laughton.