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Dance School News


How exciting... dance 2018 starts in just a few days.  Our teachers and studio are ready for you to come and join us!  


You will get your newsletter link emailed to you once a fortnight.  Don't forget to check out everything that is going on!  


Class time

Do you know your schedule for 2018?  You can now logon and check yourself through our parental portal.  


If you have any problems though, I am only a phone call away!

Before Class


Don't forget to bring your drink bottle to class and pop your hair up out of your face!


Dance Wear


All of our dance wear (except boys non ballet) can be purchased from Dance Wear and Gifts by Lana in Toowoomba. They are open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.


The non ballet uniforms are still on their way through customs!



Public holidays


Public holidays are for the beach!!!!  So, there will be no public holiday classes this year.  Please note all fees have been adjusted accordingly.  Enjoy!


Dates for 2018 (A very rough guide)


Dance Lessons Term Dates

Term 1 - Monday 22 January to Thursday 29 March

Term 2 - Tuesday 17 April to Saturday 30 June

Term 3 - Monday 16 July to Saturday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 8 October to Saturday 15 December


Auditions for Main Characters for Concert

May/ June 2018


Winter School

25 - 27 June - still being negotiated!



Early August 2018


Concert Dates

Concert - Saturday 17 November at the Empire Theatre



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