Radiance Ravings - December

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What an amazing concert your wonderful students starred in!  Congratulations students and families on a wonderful show.


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Christmas Wonderland

We have once again been invited to provide entertainment at the amazing Christmas Wonderland.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to perform one final time to finish off an incredible year together.  I understand that there are people already away on holidays.  But everyone who is available in the below groups please come along.  


Tuesday 5th December - First Session - 7.30 - 8.15pm

Friday 8th December - First Session - 7.30 - 8.15pm


We will meet at the Cannon in Queens Park at 7:00pm.  Then we will head into the park together as a group.  Please arrive with light make-up and mid height bun and all costumes required.  You may wear your first costume if you like.


Senior Contemporary - Orphans (you should still have costume)

Junior Jazz - Horses (Without tales and ears please)

Senior Performance Team - Let it snow (Green long dresses)

Silver Medal - Water

Bronze Star Tuesday - Jolly Christmas -costumes to be handed out this week depending on numbers who turn up to class on Tuesday

Inter Jazz - Robbers

Gold Medal - Swing dance (collect coloured skirt Tuesday, own black leotard)

Zootopia - Junior Performance Team group 1

Closer - Senior Performance team (collect costume on Tuesday)

Jaws - Junior Performance Team group 2

Senior Jazz - Jesters


So... because of this performance our Tuesday afternoon classes will be slightly different.  Test Two ballet and bronze medal will be as per normal.  All classes after this will be altered.  Can all Senior Performance Team, Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Silver Star come to the studio from 5:30 to 6:30pm for a rehearsal and to put the items together.  Feel free to arrive with hair and make-up already done.  


With all popular events... please be aware parking may not be easy to come by!


Any of the following groups who are available on the 16th December at 10am for a special Christmas performance in the High Street Shopping Centre please contact me here and let me know!



Photo Viewing and Costume Sale


Photos of our concert and our students will be at the studio for viewing and order on Tuesday 12 December from 3pm to 6pm.  We will also have costumes available for purchase. 


Ordering DVD's/Digital download - Final call!


Please order your DVD or digital download now.  It can be invoiced if you don't have the money yet. 


We will have DVD's ready to collect from the studio before Christmas.


Final Week for 2017!


Next week is the final week of classes.  What an incredible year we have had! To celebrate, we are having a Christmas themed week at dancing.  Please feel free to dress your dancer up in anything Christmassy!



We are open for bookings for Term 1 2018!  Hooray.   It is so exciting.


New classes to be released will include Irish, more hip hop, acrobatics, contemporary syllabus, cheer and pom and bronze, silver and gold Enrichment.


To check out the timetable or book into class please click on the picture above.


We have four incredible new teachers joining our staff in 2018.  It is going to be an amazing year.  


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