Puss in Boots

Thank you to all of you who attended our auditions last week.  We had a fantastic time and hope you enjoyed the experience. 


As previously stated... the judges decision is final.  We had a panel of 8 esteemed judges and they deliberated long and hard over every single auditioning dancer.  Parts were awarded using the following criteria: dance talent, technique, grooming, ability to follow directions, ability to work with the different choreographers, attitude and work ethic in class, weekly time at the studio, ability to pick up difficult choreography and more.  There may still be further tweaks and changes as the story unfolds.


Thank you again.  And we can't wait to get started in August.


Cast List in alphabetical order


Jackline Adokorach          The Dukes Sister / Rich Lady / Folk Dancer


Liberty Anstiss                   Mother Rose / Water / Soldier


Chelsea Attwood              Water & Water Solo


Olivia Bizzell                       Folk Dancer / Rich Lady Solo


Grace Bogdan                    Governess for Tiny Princesses / Folk Dancer / Rich Lady


Carmen Brady                    Farmer / Folk Dancer / Rich Lady


Erin Foley                            Water & Water Solo / Soldier


Eve  Gellatly                       Puss in Boots


Melissa Gillbard                 (Understudy) Princess / Mrs Potts House Keeper /  Folk Dancer /


Rich Lady


Emma Gillbard                   The Dukes Mother


Mikaela Hjortshoj-Haller The Queen


Pookie Lane-Gessiri        The Dark Princess / Folk Dancer / Rich Lady


Scarlett McInnerney       Folk Dancer / Rich Lady Solo


Milly Navin                         Head Courtier / Water / Soldier


Sharyn Osborne                 The Dukes Sister


Taylah Parker                     Head Flower Girl / Water / Soldier


Lara Reardon                     Princess


Alice Schumacher            Mother Flamingo / Pony Trainer


Michelle Springolo           Water & Water Solo / Soldier


Shani Toye                          Water & Water Solo / Soldier


Sophia Van der Laan       The Duke




Bianca Verblakt                 The Shepherdess / Folk Dancer / Rich Lady




Georgie Watson               Mother Rabbit / Water / Soldier


Jorja Wicks                        Head Courtier / Water / Soldier






Gabe Tiller                  King