Parent Support Volunteers

Parent Support Team

Thank you for volunteering to help out at our show.  Without you, we are unable to have a show!


Don't forget you will still get to see your dancer performer from the best angle and be the first to congratulate them when they come off stage. 



Basically your job is to make the rehearsals and concert as fun and stress free as possible for your group of dancers! I remember my childhood dance concerts being among my best and worst memories.  I distinctly remember the joy and exhilaration of performing at some of the wonderful ones... and I remember even more vividly the SCREAMING teacher I had who was very unhappy with our rehearsals.   Together we can make this experience a magical one for our kids that they will treasure in the years to come:-)




Priority one is the safety of all of our dancers.  Your dancers will be signed over to you by parents and kept with you until collection where you will sign them back.  


Blue cards are required if you are not related to someone in the show.  Please contact me today if you require assistance with this.




Sometimes when situations are new and busy there can be frayed nerves.  It is important that we speak respectfully to all students, photographers, volunteers, staff and parents on the day.  If you feel that you require assistance with a difficult situation please find one of the staff in Radiance Uniform to help you.  You are not alone - we are partnering with you.




Most classes will have a minimum of two parent support volunteers.  It is important that you and your helper facilitate toilet breaks, neat snacks, and  entertainment.  You will be assigned a particular part of the studio or waiting room for the rehearsal and a particular dressing room at the Empire.   Please keep your charges with you at all times.  You will have them signed over to you until their parents collect them and take them home.   We definitely don't want to lose or misplace any small people. 


A stage runner or the stage manager will call you to the performance area when it is your time.  Please remind your dancers that it is important to be really quiet side stage.  You can then return your dancers to their space after they have performed.


During the show.... after your dancers have performed you will walk them to the front rooms at the empire theatre to await their parents collection. 


Bag of tricks


It may help you to have a bag of tricks.  This could include things like

  • extra hair and make-up supplies
  • a large blanket to mark your space in studio
  • emergency repair kit
  • neat clean snacks (no chocolate mud cake and no nuts)
  • age appropriate books or cards

Be creative and have a great time!

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  • #1

    Bobbie Madonis (Tuesday, 16 October 2018 11:01)

    I will be out of town on professional development for work this weekend ... unfortunately that means I will miss first rehearsals ...


  • #2

    Roslyn Schumacher (Thursday, 01 November 2018 20:12)

    HI Sally, have you any more detail to give me about what/who I will be looking after on show night? Ros