Radiance Ravings - September Edition

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Radiance Ravings -  September 2016

Wow.... the best time of the year is finally here!   It is CONCERT TIME!  Our classes are starting, or have started our concert dances.  We will work very hard on these over the next little while to have them ready for you soon! 


Term 3 & Term 4

Dates  for Term 3 are 11/7/16 -17/9/16

Dates for Term 4 are 4/10/16 - 10/12/16


As we are already in the swing of concert work, there will be no open classes at the conclusion of term 3.  We don't want to spoil any of our surprises.


You will receive an invoice shortly for your end of year concert costume and your term 4 account.  All bookings will be carried across for term 4.

Alice in Wonderland - Ticket sales

Tickets will go on sale at the box office at the Empire Theatre very soon.  I will notify you via email, Facebook, Instagram and the website as soon as this occurs.

dance concert ticket toowoomba

Vounteers Required

Each class will require a parent volunteer to help backstage at the concert.  Each of these volunteers will be entitled to a discounted ticket.  To put your name down to assist backstage and help with your child's class, please fill out the form below.  Limited to two parents per class - first in best dressed :-)


Other options also.... we require volunteers for program and raffle ticket sales.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Recently our Performance Teams, Senior Fusion and Musical Theatre classes performed at both the Rangeville Fete and the TCC Language and Cultures Festival.


The performers did an outstanding job and we are so proud of their efforts!

Singing Lesson Changed Time

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On the 3rd of September we will be hosting a double lesson!  So the Group 1 & 2 will be singing from 1:00 - 2:30 and Group 2 will be singing until 3pm. 


There will be no class on the final fortnight (Saturday 10 or 17 September).   Therefore no open class will be held this term.  Please see your previous email for details.

Living Dance International Dance Exams and Assessments

Dance exams toowoomba, dance school toowoomba

Our examinations and assessments went swimmingly on the 25 and 26th of August.  Our examiner Sandra Godde was very pleased with the results.  The students looked very happy and accomplished upon returning from their exams!  We will have the results within a month and these will be given out during regular class time.

I am forwarding some Myer Gift Cards to five of our lovely families today.  If you are named on a new students registration form... you will receive a gift card to say thank you!

Dance Jokes

Did you hear about the dancer and the hula hoop?
Talk about a waisted talent.

Why don't dogs make good dancers?
Because they have two left feet!

What do cars do at the disco?
Brake dance

What kind of dance do mothers like best?
The Mom-bo

What do ghosts dance to?
Soul music

What is the fastest pie in the world?

Why didn't the skeleton dance at the disco?
He had no body to dance with!

Spotlight on Classes

If you have ever wanted to try a ballet class but thought you were too old.  We have some great news for you.  It is never too late!  We offer an open adult ballet on Monday nights and over 55's on Tuesday morning. To organise your free trial please click here.

Name Dance Wear and Drink Bottles

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Please label your dancer's cross over, shoes, leg warmers, drink bottles and more.  It is difficult for teachers to know which piece belongs to which dancer.

Content Revisited

Rated Top Three Dance School in Toowoomba

Excitingly, we have been rated by an independent website called The Best Three Rated, in the top three dance schools in Toowoomba.


To see the original post please click below.

Top Dance Schools Toowoomba

Dance Concert Coming up in Term 4

As you know we are performing Alice in Wonderland at the Empire Theatre on the 19th of November 2016.  We will have a rehearsal schedule available shortly.  But please save the dates...

November 5 - Whole School from 9:30am - 5:30pm

November 12 - Grade 3 Ballet upwards, Fusion, Singing, Tap

November 19 - Whole School rehearsal & Concert

Our costume department is working tirelessly on designing, manufacturing, ordering, preparing and laundering our costume stocks for this year. 


All dancers enrolled in term 3 will receive an invoice for their costume hire.  Costume hire ranges from $30 - $36 per costume per class.  If you are asked to provide your sizing to the studio...please see the sizing chart here.

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