Exam/Assessment this week!!!!

As you know.... this week is our exam and assessment week for our Living Dance Syllabus students. 


It is now confirmed that Miss Beth will not be our examiner.  Ms Sandra Goode will be our examiner on Thursday and Friday of this week.  I have attached a small bio below if you are interested.


Please check your exam time here.  Also, please let me know if there are spelling mistakes in your child's name.


We will be meeting at the St Mark's Church half an hour before your exam time.  Please be ready with neat and tidy hair in a mid-height bun with gel, lily ribbon, clean shoes, no underwear showing.


Ballet students need clean, whole-free, flesh coloured ballet tights - no socks. 


Fusion students can wear either shimmer tights or jazz socks.


FRIDAY MORNING EXAMS - please enter the church via the front entrance green pergola gate.  There is another function in the annexe that day.  Therefore, we don't have access to the annexe.  All toilet trips will be around the outside of the church and back up to the toilet not from the church straight through the annexe.

ALL OTHER EXAMS - please enter the church via the annexe/bathroom entrance.


Parent/guardians will be required for a short period of time to pin the students number on their leotard.  These will be pinned from the inside out.  Therefore this is the parents/guardians responsibility. Parents can stay and wait or return after the conclusion of the exam.


Please ensure ALL students find the photographer and get their photo taken when in full exam attire.

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Enjoy your Dancing

Please talk to your student about enjoying this opportunity.  I wouldn't like this to become too stressful or difficult a process.  We want to let the children be rewarded for their hard work this year and enjoy having a captive audience to appreciate their technique and wonderful capabilities.  This should be a celebration of achievement rather than a tedious and gruelling benchmarking process.

Dance Examiner

Sandra Godde - Dip ABS, B.A., L.L.B.(Hons), M.A.(Theo), Cert IV, TAE

Sandra Godde is a widely travelled, independent dance artist, choreographer, teacher, and Director of dance schools and a semi professional dance company. After training with the Australian Ballet School and touring with the inaugural Dancers Company in 1980, she danced with The South Australian Ballet Co. in Adelaide.

Further dance pursuits include YWAM's School of Dramatic Dance (Canada) and performing throughout the USA; Principal of her own Dance School, Vive La Danse; Principal Teacher at Christian Outreach College, Academy of Dance, Brisbane; and she initiated her own School and Company, Excelsia Dance, in Brisbane in 2004. Sandra also does freelance teaching, examines for Living Dance, and has been involved in many Project Dance events in Sydney, Brisbane, and London since 2005. As a performer, she has danced in a myriad of diverse dance and theatre productions in Australia and overseas (predominantly in the US and Canada) for many years, ranging in venues from the Sydney Opera House to refugee camps in Central America. She has taught many workshops in conferences, guest taught for other dance schools, has been guest speaker at dance events, has published articles on the creative arts, and was the featured dancer in a short Australian dance film “The Last Tango in Sunnybank” by Rosetta Cook in 2009.

Her dance company, Excelsia Dance, is a group of professionally trained dancers who work together on a project-to-project basis. In the past Excelsia Dance has been a guest of Tabor College, Adelaide, toured a choreographic project around schools, and presented a theatre performance of Company works in Adelaide in 2005. They have also performed at fundraising events, conferences, and performed in their own productions. They performed at Priceless Life Centre’s fundraising event in 2005 and at The Body, Soul & Spirit Conference in Brisbane in 2006. In 2009 Excelsia Dance took a dance work “Unspeakable” (dealing with human trafficking) to New York to perform at a Women’s Conference and other events. Excelsia Dance also performed “The 2 Faces of Eve” at Brisbane’s Platform Shorts in 2012, and Sandra created “Self Aside” (a piece on narcissism) as guest choreographer for Sydney’s Platform Shorts, part of Sydney Fringe Festival in 2012. Sandra has also pursued an academic career, obtaining an Arts and Law Degree (with Honours) at University of Queensland. This was followed by a Master of Arts in Theology and her current position is as Theology Lecturer for a national Bible College. Still in her maturing years, she remains passionate about life and dance.

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