End of Year Dance Concert

RaDiANCE Academy presents Alice in Wonderland


A mum from our Simple Steps program asked a great question this morning..."What will the dance concert mean for us?" I am so glad that she asked me.  Because now I can let you all know what a treat we are in for in the next little while.


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This is the best time of the year for dancers and performers.  Now we get to take all of our dance technique practice and craft a show!  Next week all of our exams and assessments will be over and we will begin working on brand new pieces. 


The students in the Senior school who know how much fun this is, have been begging since about March, to start the concert work!  There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of a performance, the thrill of developing a character and the buzz of showing the audience what we having been working on for so long.


Everyone in our studio from 2.5 years up to and including (if I can convince them) the adult class are invited to perform with us in our production of Alice in Wonderland.  The magic, drama and mystery of our show will not be the same without you!


Your performer will be required for the following rehearsals


November 5 - Whole School from 9:30am - 5:30pm

***Grade 2 and below will only be required for a short period of time


November 12 - Grade 3 Ballet upwards, Fusion, Singing, Tap


November 19 - Whole School rehearsal 9:00am 


                           Lunch break/sleep time/rest time


                           & Concert 3:00pm



Make-up & Hair

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What if I don't really do make-up and hair?



Closer to the time you will be sent video tutorials regarding stage make-up and hair.  We keep this very easy and age appropriate.  If you need help with either... we have volunteers to help out!


dance make-up toowoomba


Q. What if I can't sew?

A. You don't need to sew or create your own costumes.  We will take care of the lot for you!  We will organise a hire costume.  We design and manufacture the costumes or source them for you.  You simply provide your dancers sizing and we do the rest.  You will be invoiced a hire fee  of between $30 and $36 per student per class.

Mistakes & Shy performers




What happens if my child makes a mistake?     




Last year one of our tiny tots wandered onstage at the wrong moment and was captivated by the audience.  It wasn't meant to happen.  But it was one of the cutest moments of the concert.   Life is imperfect and there is beauty in that too!

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Q.  What if my child would fret if I am in the audience and they are backstage?


A.  Each class is required to have 1 or 2 parents back stage to help out.  If you are the first parent to volunteer... then you get to stay with your child for rehearsals and watch them perform from the best position of all, side stage!  This is a great job to get and you even get cheap tickets to see the remainder of the concert.

More information will become available as we progress through our concert preparations.  Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of term 4 through the box office at the Empire Theatre.   If you have more questions please don't hesitate to contact me or discuss them with your teacher.

Q.  What if after reading all of this I really don't want my child to perform... or we have a family wedding or overseas trip etc?

A.  That is ok too!  Your child will still really enjoy lessons with us.  Regardless of whether they perform or not, they will be an important part of our class.  However, you do need to let us know.  All students are counted as participants and charged a costume hire fee unless you actually opt out.

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