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Thank you

Beautiful dancers and dance families I would like to thank you for your dedication to our team, studio and each other.  Dance can be such an individual (sometimes self-focused) pursuit, however our Performance Teams offer your dancer the opportunity to be involved in a team capacity.  To those dancers who attend rehearsals, displays and classes regularly... I want to take this opportunity to let you know that you and your family are a valuable member of our TEAMS program.


On Sunday we had the privilege of being involved with one of our regions most popular festivals.  Between 12 and 15 thousand people attended Queen's Park on Sunday.   It was a great performance opportunity for our dancers!


This display however highlighted some issues that we can address for next time, next term and into the future.  Each opportunity gives us the insight into where we can improve in the future and the things that we did well. 


Firstly I would like to highlight the areas we excelled in.  All of our performers turned up on time, with their correct costuming and with a fantastic attitude.  So thank you!  We are working with an amazing group of people.


Next I would like to address the issues that we can improve on moving into the future.  If these don't apply to you... all the better! 


Costumes - can the parent/guardian be responsible for checking if costumes are a perfect fit when they are handed out from the studio.  If these costumes need some adjustment, please carefully adjust the straps, take in the sides or take up a hem line.  Costumes should not be adjusted during a performance. 


Hair and Make-up - For all of our performance (unless otherwise specified) can dancer's hair be gelled back into a very neat mid-height bun.  Light stage make-up is required.  I apologise if I didn't communicate this well prior to Sunday.


Underwear- no underwear should be visible to the audience.  Please ensure that knickers can't be seen underneath tutus.  Bras can't be seen underneath leotards etc.  Please remember that we don't want the audience to be thinking about our underwear so we don't want to draw any attention to this area at all.  I even saw some bright floral underwear during our classical piece!  Dance underwear can be purchased at the ballet shop if you don't have anything appropriate.  Energetiks knickers are up to $14.95 and the dance bras with clear straps range from $23.95 to $41.95.  These can be worn for the displays, exams and concerts etc. 


Absenteeism - please don't shoot me... I know this is a touchy subject but we still need to talk about it!  I had multiple students from the Senior Performance Team not turn up on the day;  I had no RSVP and I had to transport the costumes just in case.  I know that things go wrong,  I am a mum too.  My kids get sick, my tyres get flat and some days I just want to have a sleep in.  However, when you are in a team and everyone has a set space, you let the team down if you don't attend and give adequate notice.  Our performance teams are OPTIONAL.  That means if you opt in, you are expected to attend unless you have let us know with plenty of warning to fill your space.  We needed to rework our classical item with only moments to spare as we were still unsure of the numbers on the day.  This is very difficult for the performers and reflects badly on the entire set. 


I am approachable, I am available and I am understanding.  If you have a problem please come and talk to me.  I will do everything in my power to help you!


Again, a big thankyou to all who performed on Sunday.  I am so proud of all of our beautiful performers.  I anticipate this Saturday will be even better!  The opportunities your dancer is receiving will be looked back upon as some of their childhood highlights.  I believe this group is capable of amazing things and I am very excited about the rest of this year together. 



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    Tania Navin (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 09:58)

    Well I hadn't realised there were absent members, so a huge well done to those who had to deal with last minute dance changes. You did very well and it looked very polished.

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    Justine (Wednesday, 17 August 2016 00:50)

    For those that attended, they did a superb job Sally. Well done to you and the team for your efforts under the circumstances. Well written and we'll communicated. :-)