Concert Details and Schedule

Concert Details and FAQ

Please note this information is subject to change as the concert approaches

As you are now aware, we are performing the Nutcracker on Sunday 22 November at the Highfields Cultural  Centre at 2:30am in the afternoon.  

Tickets are on sale now at

They will also be available at the door for cash only.  No EFTPOS facility available at the door. 

Ticket prices will be $18 for adults, $15 for seniors and high school students, $12 for primary age students, $9 for pre-school children, family of 4 - $50 (additional family members at standard price).  Free for children under 2 to sit on Mum or Dad’s lap.

There is no assigned seating. The door will open at 2:10pm for ticket holders to find a seat and at 2:20pm for on-the-day purchasers. 

Evolution Studios has been employed to prepare a DVD of the concert.  These are now ready for presale online at

No photography or filming will be allowed during the concert due to the hefty licenses Radiance Academy Toowoomba needs to pay to make this opportunity available to our students and families. 

DVDs should not be copied between students.  If you would like a DVD please order one rather than pirate one.

Photographer Each child will receive 1 professional photograph as a keepsake of the day free of charge.       Additional photos will be available on our website for purchase after the day.

Costume Hire  Costumes will be given out during the first week in November.  The parent picking up the dancer will need to sign the costumes out.  Then it is their responsibility to bring them to and from the concert and rehearsals.  It is your responsibility to keep the costumes in good order.  Any damaged or lost costumes will be invoiced at replacement cost.    The costumes will not be collected by the back stage mum this year.  They need to be returned to your next class at the studio and signed back in.

Parent Volunteers  are essential for a smooth running concert.  We will require at least 1 parent volunteer per class.  Each selected parent volunteer who is required for one half of the show can purchase a quarter price   ticket ($4.50)  to see the remainder of the show.  Please sign up at the studio on the notice board in the waiting room.

Additional Costs   Each dance student will be required to wear clean and appropriate dance shoes.  Girls need pink/skin colored ballet shoes.  Boys need black ballet shoes.  Tap and jazz dancers need tan colored shoes.  All  ballet students will be required to provide their own ballet stockings.  All senior students with multiple costume changes will be required to purchase a body stocking and appropriate skin colored underwear.

Makeup and Hair Unless otherwise advised, all girls hair should be styled neatly in a mid-height bun with hair color accessories only.  Please use plenty of gel and hair spray to keep the styles in place.  The parent support can help with the styling of the head pieces as required.  All makeup is to be applied by the parent or guardian.  However, parent support will re apply lipstick as required.  Please see the tutorial links in your newsletter for more details.

Performers Watching the Concert If your child is only in half of the concert, you need to order a performer ticket free of charge (we just need to keep track of how many seats we need). At the start of the interval the performer needs to be dropped off or picked up at the drop off/pick up station.  Please do this prior to purchasing your interval snack at the canteen.  Please exit the auditorium to the left hand side of the stage and meet at the drop off/pick up point in the entrance lobby. 

All performers need to be signed in our out by their parent or guardian.  This parent or guardian is also responsible for the performer's costume.  It is advisable to pack a button up shirt/dress/dressing gown to wear over their costume to watch the concert and travel to and from the performance.  This item of clothing can be kept with the parent or guardian until drop off or pick up of the performer. 

Rehersal Schedule

 There will be a senior school rehearsal on Saturday 31 October at St Mark’s studio

This will be for anyone in

Grade 4 -Intermediate Ballet, Actors, Parent support for Grade 4 to Intermediate Ballet

 from 1:15pm through to 4:00pm. 

Please bring snacks, a quiet activity, drink bottle etc.   NO NUTS PLEASE


There will be a full concert dress and makeup rehearsal on 7 November at St Mark’s Studio

Please arrive with hair and make up done and if appropriate, costume on.

This will be for EVERYONE in the concert please meet in the Annex of the Church

ACT 1 Parent Support Meeting from 9:00am to 9:15am

ACT 1 from 9:15am to 11:15am Pre Dance parents may stay and take children at 10:15am

LUNCH 11:15am to 12:00noon

ACT 2 Parent Support Meeting from 11:45am - 12noon

ACT 2 from 12:15pm to 3:00pm Pre Primary parents may stay and take children at 1:15pm

Please bring lunch or neat snacks, a quiet activity, drink bottle etc.   NO NUTS PLEASE


There will be a Senior school rehearsal on Saturday 14 November at St Mark’s Studio

This will be for anyone in

Grade 4 -Intermediate Ballet, Actors, Parent support for Grade 4 to Intermediate Ballet

 from 1:15pm to 4:00pm. 

Please bring lunch, snacks, a quiet activity, drink bottle etc.   NO NUTS PLEASE

There will be a full concert dress rehearsal on the morning of the concert  22 November at the Highfields Cultural Centre



Run Sheet - Draft

  This is a draft and is subject to review and alteration


Performance Team


Pre Dance - Christmas Decorations

Grade 1 - Guests at Party

Grade 5 - Guests at Party

Primary - Mice

Tap - Soldiers



Grade 2 - Snowflakes & Lollypops

Grade 5 - Snowflakes

Intermediate - Snowflakes & Solo’s

Pre Primary - Sweet Dreams

All Jazz and Contemporary

Performance Team - Waltz of the Flowers

Grade 3 - Italian Maidens & Gypsy Princesses

Grade 4 - Reeds and Flutes & Flowers


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