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End of year Concert 2015

Now is the chance to have your say..... We are currently investigating the possibility of finding a different venue to host our end of year concert The Nutcracker.  I am hoping to hear from you our dance community.  We currently have two options available to us, the Empire Theatre on the 21 November or the Highfields Cultural Centre on the 22 November. 

If we stay at the Empire Theatre we have use of one of the state's most beautiful theatres with its spacious dressing rooms and convenient location.  However, the costs will need to increase to pay for the hefty price tag that goes along with such a gorgeous venue.  The average adult ticket price may increase to approximately $35 a ticket. 

The other option is the Highfields Cultural Centre.  This is a lovely venue with a nice size dancing stage.  The dressing rooms and location obviously don't have the same benefits as the Empire. However the affordable ticket prices of approximately $18 a ticket, coupled with a more appropriate sized facility for our school are considerable draw cards.

Please get involved and let us know your thoughts on the matter.  To register your vote please click the link below to send us an email.


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    Sally Andrew (Wednesday, 05 August 2015 00:20)

    We have a winner.... We have received more votes for Highfields. Therefore our concert will go ahead at the Cultural Centre on Sunday 22 November 2015.